COT 2015 & Commissioning questions

  1. I started this post in hopes of finding others that are on path to go to COT in 2015. It would be nice getting to know someone at COT.

    I just received/signed my acceptance letter from the AF for the HPSP as a midwife. I officially start my course work on May 6th. I haven't commissioned yet. I guess I am waiting on my scroll. Overall, the journey to acceptance has been fairly quick compared to what I've read on other posts. I believe I started my packet in the beginning of Feb, it went board ready on April 17th, and I was told I was selected on April 22nd. I am so excited!

    I'd love to hear everyone else's journey as well as those individuals that have been on AD for awhile! I am especially interested in finding out more information on commissioning. What did you wear? Where was it held? Who attended? Did you anything special?

    Thanks in advance for your time!
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  3. by   gabookworm
    Congrats! I'm hoping to be where you are this time next year. Where are you going to school?
  4. by   gabookworm
    Oh, and re: commissioning, my recruiter said any officer in any branch can do it, or a notary public. My mom is retired Navy--not an officer, but happens to be a notary--so she will probably do my swearing in if I'm selected. I assume my parents, husband, and kids will be there, but am not sure beyond that. Knowing my mom, she would want to make it a big deal. I really hope it works out for me as well as it has for you. Heck, at this point, I just hope I don't have any trouble getting into a program. I'll be applying for direct-entry MSN programs, since I have prior degrees in a non-nursing field.
  5. by   mickey7293
    Hello and congratulations! I am on this path as well...but am currently applying to an MSN program U of Cincinnati and the HSPS program. I wondered if you would mind laying out your qualifications and what school you are attending. I am prior service enlisted AF 8 years, BSN 2 years mother baby nurse, 4 years experience as an RN. NRP, ACLS OB, STABLE certified. Would love to hear about your experiences applying and what type of shot I might have it!
  6. by   Megan8683
    I am going to the University of Cincinnati. Where are you attending/applying?
  7. by   Megan8683
    Mickey- Thanks! My story is quite similar to yours, however I do not have prior service. My husband was a Ranger in the Army for 3 years and was d/c'd due to a injury. I have a BS in Business (Marketing/Communications) and a BSN. I went back and got my nursing degree after doing a year of sales. I've been a nurse for almost 3 years- 1 year med/surg and 2 years L&D and High Risk OB. I have EFM certification, BLS, ACLS, STABLE, and NR certifications. I am in the MSN program at U of Cincy. I am only in my first semester so I can't really give you a clear picture of how I feel about the program yet! What track are you wanting to take at Cincy? What other question do you have? I'll try to help you to the best of my ability!
  8. by   carolinapooh
    I wore blues, but I was a veteran so I could. Had I not been, I would have worn a suit - this is a big deal so I'd treat it accordingly. It's like graduating from high school - you will only do this once in your life, so I'd give it the respect it deserves.

    I had my commissioning on the floor at the hospital I was working at at the time, and as many nurses as could get away came to it. I posted an invite in the RN conference room and stated on it that I could not have done this without the contributions of every single person I'd worked with; these people 'raised' me as surely as my nursing school faculty did. I also invited three former professors, one of whom was my former advisor.

    My unit went all out and decorated the Oncology conference room in red, white, and blue; put the USAF star and wings on the wall; got me an American flag cake. I had no idea they were going to all that trouble and was really touched by it.

    My recruiter, who had a reputation for commissioning people in the parking lot of a Panera Bread with an officer she drummed up at the last minute from a local ROTC squadron (I was unfortunately privy to that whole disaster), was shocked. Floored is a better word. She had tried to bully me into a 24 hour notice deal and I told her absolutely not - this was my fourth attempt at a commission (I'd tried while enlisted, but they didn't want a line officer whose vision didn't qualify her to fly, even if her test scores did!), the day was mine, and I had a plan I was sticking to. She hemmed and hawed and tried everything to get me to relent, but she failed, and I got MY day my way, as it should be.

    I don't know that a notary can commission; I know my recruiter was scurrying around trying to find an officer a few times because she left it to the last minute (I supplied my own). I would think if a notary would do it it wouldn't have been a problem because the secretary of the office was a notary public. You might want to double-check that. I tried to look it up in the regs but couldn't find it; I know it's there somewhere and will be the same regardless of service.
  9. by   mickey1172
    I've decided to apply to Univ of Cincy to either start May or Aug 2014. How do you like it so far? I'm going for the two year program. Any words of advice on how the HPSP process works? Was there a lag in receiving the scholarship money the first semester? I need to save ahead of time if I have to come up with the tuition initially. Also did you go to COT before you started classes? Thanks Michele
  10. by   Megan8683
    It has been pretty much ok since I started in May of 2013. I am also in the 2 year program. HPSP seems to go smoothly once you've been commissioned. I have had no issues thus far. They were quick on paying my tuition and I received my first stipend probably less than a moth after commissioning (I commissioned after I was enrolled). No, I did not go to COT prior to going to classes. I will go once I graduate. What program are you going in under?
  11. by   mickey1172
    I am wrapping up my application for the HPSP program. I only have the interviews left to complete then my application will go forward to the board. I don't have a date for those yet. I just found in January I was accepted the 2 year midwife program at the University of Cincinnatti. I'm actively working on getting a clinical location at the moment. Was that difficult for you? Do you have any suggestions for the interviews?
  12. by   shonara
    I don't know if there is a separate posts for COT 2015, but I am scheduled to go to COT Aug 15? Anyone else? I got selected for a NICU nurse!!
  13. by   Monette33
    Hi, Shonara. I just found out yesterday that I am projected to go to the 17 August COT. Do you have information on what happens after COT?