Comissioined Officer Training

  1. Ok here is the deal. I have been a nurse about 2 years now. I am Currently in a program called COT for the Air Force. I am struggeling and want to know an answer to a question. I want to know what happens if you Fail the program for academics. I have a big test on monday and I need to pass it. If I dont i know i can take one more. Hypotheticly if i fail that one does it mean that I will FAIL cot. Will I be a booted from the Air Force? What exactly does it mean for me? I am trying hard to pass, I am just not good at studying under this kind of pressure. Anyone out there that may have some information on this good or bad.

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  3. by   AmorFati
    First test is an open book test. All tests after that are not open book, but if you fail a test, there is a repeat test at the end of the course. I went to COT 4 years ago. Not sure if they've changed it much since then. It'll be very hard to fail COT. Out of a class of 320, we had many that failed a test, but none that were booted out. You are a highly desired specialty. Unless you really screw up, they will not kick you out.
  4. by   nurse2033
    I was in COT a year ago. There is a make up test for all the written tests. AmorFati is right, there is no benefit to the AF to fail you. We had one dropout for mental health reasons. Focus on HOW to pass, not if you will pass. Good luck!