College freshman looking for NAVY or AIR FORCE scholarship

  1. Hi, I am currently a college freshman majoring in Nursing. I feel drawn to serve my country and I want to do so as a military nurse. Either Navy or Air Force (Army Maybe). I have not decided which branch is best for me yet. I am enrolled in college using student loans and would like to know if their are any scholarship opportunities in either the AF or Navy that would help me pay for my tuition. I have no problem committing for active duty once I have graduated with my BSN. (My ultimate goal is to become a CRNA)
    With that being said, Can y'all help me out?
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  3. by   Mslecia20
    ROTC is your best bet. Does your school have an ROTC program?
  4. by   Gonavy
    Mslecia is correct however the term NROTC is usually used when training for the Navy. Another option is the Navy Nurse Candidate Program. A health care recruiter would be the first place to start.
  5. by   amoncibaiz
    Thanks for the reply Gonavy and Mslecia20. My current college does not offer Nrotc, they only offer the army ROTC. But I could transfer to one that does. Would I get the ROTC scholarship once I sign? Or is there some what of a competitive process.A question on the Nurse Candidate Program. What is the Eligibility on this program? Do you have to be past your sophomore year to apply?Thanks in Advance
  6. by   Gonavy
    I'm afraid I can't give you any solid answers. I know these programs exist but not how to qualify or what their eligibility requirements are. In my case I didn't use either. I graduated and then contacted the Navy. Maybe Mslecia can give you some idea of what's required.

    My advice we still be to contact a health care recruiter in your area. They are up to speed on all the programs available, what the requirements are, and how to apply. Health care recruiters recruit only Doctors and Nurses and they are more than willing to meet you on campus. I used to know a Navy health care recruiter and he traveled to nursing schools all throughout his region.
  7. by   Mslecia20
    Yes contact a recruiter however most programs are very competitive with the military draw down. Direct commission requires two years of experience after graduation. Right now being a freshman.NROTC will be your best bet.
  8. by   lenice91
    If the navy nurse candidate program is anything like the army nurse candidate program you will be required to show proof that you have been excepted to a nursing school and begin nursing classes. Also can only use the scholarship for 24 months. So u must finish within 24 months.