Civilian jobs on military bases

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    I saw the post today about Civilian contracts @ Pendelton & I wanted to ask this question before. Just never got around to it.
    I am prior military.
    I was wondering what department or whom I'd contact regarding getting a civilian job as an RN on a military base.
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    This is where I started looking. It has a place to post a resume as well.
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    Or find out who has a contract with the base. Spectrum is one of them.
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    You can also check out
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    USAJobs has postings through the ARMY right now. I was told by my Navy Recruiter to talk to the ARMY regarding civilian jobs. They handle all of them.
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    Cpol site. google it. Once hired, please don't become like the rest of the lazy ones that have been in the system for over 20 yrs. You will see what I mean once you get in.
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    Do they take LPN/LVN's I would really love to work for the government.
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    Quote from TRAntoine
    Do they take LPN/LVN's I would really love to work for the government.
    Yes, some units will hire LPNs/LVNS. Just check USA jobs and CPOL for vacancies. Good luck!
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    Hey there!

    I've been looking through a few "civilian nursing on military base" threads and am not finding the particular information I need (nor any info that was posted more recently than 5 years ago). Let me first apologize if my post is a bit lengthy....I'm just trying to find any and all information I may need, and am trying to give everyone the full picture of where I am coming from

    Ok, so to start: just graduated with my BSN last year, May 2010. Just got my license this Jan 2011. Have been working as an at home nurse for a quadriplegic female teenager who is vent dependent and is on a home vent. Am trying to apply to local hospitals so I can acquire my year experience necessarry to apply for a civilian position. (Let me also specify that I am solely trying to work at an overseas base) --

    Question #1: An officer's wife (friend of mine) suggested as soon as I get licensed, to apply for the listed civilian positions because this kind of paperwork is a long process. However, I do not have a year experience as a licensed RN, nor do I have hospital experience; only my home care experience. So, is that a good suggestion, or will the human resources dept for civilian nurses look at my application and laugh?

    Question #2: If I do not succeed at obtaining a hospital job, for whatever reason, I may have an opportunity to work at an outpatient surgical center in their PACU. But I was told by someone else that hospital experience would look better and be a better experience. Any suggestions for what the overseas military facilities will be looking for?

    Question #3: Has anyone else been in a similar situation to mine (or known someone who has) and would you mind telling me how everything worked out for you/them? **By similar situation, I mean: not having a spouse in military; trying to go overseas, and starting with little/no hospital experience.

    Any and all answers would be greatly appreciated! I am also just trying to get a good grasp on how this whole process would work for someone who has no ties to the military (no spouse, etc). If you are a detailed writer, GREAT! I love lots of details and lots of help.

    Thanks so much in advance! I truly truly appreciate it!!!
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    first of all, the more experience you have, the better. if you're solely focused on an overseas job, then again, the more experience is your ticket in. with the experience you have now, you are very, very limited...even with a one year under your belt, you will not likely make the cut. sorry to say that but that is the way it goes specially in the gs side.

    being married or single or not having a connection with the military will not hinder you from applying. what will hinder you is the experience. what exactly is it that you want to do in the gs side? icu, pacu, med/sug???

    keep in mind your choices will be very limited as the military folks want civilians that have lots of experience. after all, the more experience folks are the ones training the new rns (lieutenants) because the rest of the old folks like me, will be in the sandbox.

    the process to get hired is very lengthy and it can take up to 6-8 months. most of the rns that we hired when i was in germany (just came back about 6 months) are returning to the usa because the contract is only for 3 years. some choose to renew it, but money is not the reason why they renew it.

    i hope i gave you some info you wanted. i quickly scanned your post and decided to give you some input. let me know if you have more questions. got to go work a 12 hr shift

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