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Hello. I'm 19 and currently enrolled in community college doing my prereqs for the ADN program, and i've starting thinking about transfering to University and getting my BSN instead. I already planned on getting my BSN because I... Read More

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    ANCP is army candidate program - you are a civilian and you contact health care recruiter for the army prior to or during junior or senior year of BSN program.
    AECP is army enlisted commissioning program - you need to be affiliated with the service.. ie enlisted and you apply to this specific program, MILPER message will give details... google the one most applicable to you, most likely the ANCP.
    That being said with diminished 'need' for nurses at this time due to influx of experienced nurses + higher retention rates I'd recommend focusing on just obtaining the BSN and planning to gain some experience and applying when it makes the most sense based on that future supply/demand situation. If the ANCP was available then that would be a good route as well... if not particular to the Army the Navy has a similar nurse candidate program NNCP.. getting either of those would be great relief while in school - either way obtain the BSN, best of luck!

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    Can you tell me a little about the Army Nurse Candidate Program?

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