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Army RN to Army PA? - page 2

I am currently in the process of getting my application in to the Army Reserves as an RN. I had every intention to continue my schooling and become an NP once I was established in the military. ... Read More

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    I can't speak for the IPAP specifically, but generally PA programs have a great deal more clinical preparation than NP programs. You get a lot more practice with clinical skills. I don't know if that's necessarily better. It depends on the specialty that you're entering. You don't need those to do primary care, a place many PAs and NPs end up (the ones that I came in with without experience all did primary care).

    When I was a civilian, it also seemed to me that women's health and pediatrics are mostly NPs and surgery and ER are mostly PAs.
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    PAs also have the "cooler" jobs with many being in MEDEVAC units, Ranger/SF, infantry line and aviation brigades. NPs don't have that. The only NPs I ever saw on AD were in clinics with a select few as brigade "surgeons" but none in line units.
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    Yeah, every CSH/FST I delivered to had a PA...and a CRNA pushing gas. Getting into a SOF position would be a dream job. High tempo, but unlimited budget and training.