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Hey everybody, I'm starting a thread here for those applying to the Army Nurse Corps in FY2013. I figure this might be a good place to get to know other future nurse corps officers and a place for... Read More

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    Hi brandonscott:

    Like VT I am also on the OML and waiting anxiously for word to come down if I will be attending next year. Just try to stay calm and hopefully we will hear something soon...the last communication that I had with LTC Weisgram he said we may know something before the Christmas Holidays.

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    I totally understand what you're saying. I posted earlier (a few posts up) that I have 1.5 years experience as a RN in a MICU of a Level I trauma center. I originally thought when I heard I made the OML that it must be my experience that is the issue, which I had a feeling it might be from the start. After reading on hear though that they did 2 boards based on <2 years experience and >2 years experience then it makes you wonder.. ya know? NOt that it matters but I also had a year of intern experience in the same ICU during school before graduating. For me I believe my problem is that I am a perfectionist and when I don't do or perform how I feel is "perfect" then I get really down on myself. (i.e. not getting selected in this case) It is a trait that hurts me more than it probably helps me and I know this... haha. Thank you for your advice though and also for the "thanks". Congrats to your wife on being selected btw.
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    I asked your age to preface this, you are still decently young and there is always next year, and in the mean time you could work on your nursing experience. What kind of critical care nursing experience do you have? If it is a year or less, that may be the problem you may just need to work on getting more critical care experience. There is always next year if you do not get chosen. Thank your for your service by the way.
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    Brandonscott - I believe there was a completely different board for USAGPAN applicants.
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    Wow.. isn't it crazy the different numbers we have gotten depending on who we talk to.. haha. Its typical Army though. I think for me I would just rather know either way.. YES OR NO. Yes it is nice "to still have a chance".. and I hope a good one at that, but there is a lot to be done in picking up and moving halfway across the country. Selling your house, getting new housing, moving, etc. It will all be worth it, don't get me wrong, it just sucks that we still have to wait and hope that we will be selected for this year so that we don't have to do the entire process over again. Thank you for your reply though and best of luck to you and all the others whether selected, non-selected and those on the OML.
    Quote from vtrobinson
    Brandonscott116, The actual breakdown was 25 applicants. 10 selected, 14 on the OML and 1 non-select.
    I too am on the OML and awaiting word. I spoke with LTC Weisgram and it sounds like they are trying to get at LEAST ten more seats but they need to get the top ten squared away before they can request more seats. It is incredibly hard to relax, I feel ya.
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    OH okay.. got ya. You're probably right and I just don't understand it all I guess. I was told the board for the LTHET and critical care nurses were the same board.???
    Quote from vtrobinson
    Brandonscott - I believe there was a completely different board for USAGPAN applicants.
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    What is not to understand? Everything in this process has been so very crystal clear and straight forward...right. The LTHET board is for active duty Army and was last Spring I believe. As I understand it, the USAGPAN applicants were evaluated during the November board but were not counted in the pool of 20 (10 <2 yrs, 10 > 2ys exp.) RNs choosen. There were 10 guaranteed commissions/seats for the USAGPAN program and all other qualified applicants were placed on the OML in hopes they will be able to secure more funding for those extra seats.
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    Quote from lizzardmommy
    Hi has only been two months since MEPs to this point for me, but it feels like the longest 2 months of my life! haha. I am still anxiously awaiting any word about the scrolling process and checking on here to see if any of you have heard anything either, as it appears many of us are in the same boat just sitting and waiting to be commissioned. I am working out daily (ugh) and have given my employer a heads up on the changes to come, but am nervous as I am making all of these life changes and am not even officially in the Army yet. I would love to hear something by X-mas so I don't have to continue to respond to people who ask with "I have no idea when, where, how, etc." Just wanted to pop in and say hey and thanks for everyones posts...they are so informative and reassuring!

    My wife was selected and all of her paperwork is turned in and she is going to school in January. I knowthis has been absolutely stressful for some but keep hanging on. Also I read a comment on here about OML waiting for funding, this is not accurate. Once Manning Cycles are run and the percentage of nurses is looked at by OPMD here at HRC then they determine if more nurses are needed forwarding the demand to USAREC. As for you, if you applied to the experienced nurses you wil take a bit loner because your constructive credit paperwork has to be viewed and processed by HSD. Keep your heads up and make sure that you stay motivated and continue to PT as you never know when your name will be put into the hat.
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    Let me be clear about what you just said. So your wife was selected and she already did her commission and now she is going to OBLC in Jan.That's what i understood. Does she already have her orders. Please correct me if i am wrong. I got selected for nurses with less then two years of experience pending waivers. When i called my recruiter about the pending waivers, they had no idea what the waiver was about. They just said it could be scrolling. Now they have been to Boston all week for their Brigade meeting. I haven't heard anything from them. I finally got hold of them today and he said he does not have computer access at the moment. SO i have to call him back on tuesday when he comes back to Germany. I know army is all about hurry up and wait. But this anxiety has been going on for months. It will not get over until i get to the school. At least the biggest anxiety about getting selected is gone for now. I am currently enlisted. I already told my chain of command that i got selected but i do not have a single piece of paper to prove it. Its just the word from recruiter. Has anyone else heard back from scrolling process or pending waiver?
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    Hey Ricky! I fall under the 2 years of experience category (also had a moral waiver that was waiting on approval) and have been scrolled and was able to sign my contract on Tuesday. You don't need a 'waiver' just because you are waiting to scroll (because everyone has to be scrolled) it must be for something else? I am now waiting for the security clearance, to pass my boards in June, and to get orders after that!! I'm sorry you are so far away from your recruiter... if you have any questions maybe I can ask mine or can try to answer them for you? Let me know!!
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    Congratulation Jessa,

    All the NCOs and officer from my recruiting station are on Boston for some conference. They should be back Tuesday. I just wanted to find out if it was a waiver or scrolling process. He didn't give me specifics of it. Hopefully i hear something back when he comes back. I will definitely get the specifics about that on tuesday. I will post it here if i can't get the satisfactory answer. There are a lot of people in here who knows a lot about this process. Thank you for you help. Since i am an enlisted soldier, i have PCS order sitting on my desk for 16 Mar 2013.I really hope i go to school before that, just to get me out of lot of paperwork. My recruiter told me that my PCS order as an enlisted soldier will drop automatically when i accept the commission and HRC gets the paperwork. I am not sure how that works. Just waiting eagerly like everyone else to get on the plane and go to San Antonio. I guess i might go to the Xmas market and get me some good German gluhwein for this cold winter and try to stay warm and calm.
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