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Hey everybody, I'm starting a thread here for those applying to the Army Nurse Corps in FY2013. I figure this might be a good place to get to know other future nurse corps officers and a place for the veterans of the ANC to pass... Read More

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    Quote from AjaxAndronicus
    Hahaha yea, that baby would be a toddler! Yup out first, a boy and we are pumped. It looking right now like baby will bet army by a mile
    Definitely a big congrats on the baby!!!! Those braxton hicks are like these board results, give you a heart attack!! Enjoy the experience as time flies and then they are talking back and asking for money slowly outwitting you convincing you that there allowance is already accounted for by other things ;-) LOL. Congrats again!!

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    Quote from AjaxAndronicus

    Hahahah that's awesome, first one to blink goes down, I love it, but knowing my wife the first one to blink will be me
    Hey Ajax congrats on that baby!!! What nursespouse said is so true...had me cracking up this morning when I read it

    BTW my bet is on the baby coming first!!!

    Have a great day all!!

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    Quote from Irishliz
    BTW my bet is on the baby coming first!!!
    I agree with this! LOL. Though I hope you all hear something today... and that it's good news!!!
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    Congratulations on the baby! What an exciting time for yall! I giggled reading about one eye opened etc.....HOW TRUE THAT IS! Babies are the best, I am sure you have heard it 100X but they grow so fast, cherish every memory. It is hard at young ages because they do steal life from you with taking your sleep but - I promise in the end its WELL worth it! Praying for a happy healthy baby and labor to go well for momma!
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    My recruiter said the reserve commission list is out and the active duty list should follow later today. Good luck to all.
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    Quote from vtrobinson
    My recruiter said the reserve commission list is out and the active duty list should follow later today. Good luck to all.


    I guess the good thing about having to wait all this time, is it is possible the stress and nerves will keep me from gaining the holiday LB's Ive been running like crazy lately to try to keep physically fit but the stress is helping keep weight at bay too I think
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    Hey all thanks for the congrats up all night with the wife so hopefully baby will beat out Army good luck to everybody, will post any developments Army/baby
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    My recruiter said the same thing. The reserve commission list is out and the we should hear back about the active duty list before wednesday because of the 4 day weekend.
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    OMG!!! Good luck!!! *fingers crossed*
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    this is getting unbearable. I want to know something, anything just something.

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