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Hey everybody, I'm starting a thread here for those applying to the Army Nurse Corps in FY2013. I figure this might be a good place to get to know other future nurse corps officers and a place for... Read More

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    I was already told by recruiter the boards happened.
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    I just spoke with my recruiter's secretary and was told that the board was pushed back to December 11th due to them being backed up for the holidays. She said that they found out late friday. My packet says "pending results" so at least it is ready. I know this is a huge disappointment for everyone, but I had to post what I found out.
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    I was just told, that the november 14th board was pushed but ours wasnt
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    If the board already happened then how can it be pushed back? Have just the results been pushed back? I am in Germany so I am 6 hours ahead and my recruiter is definitely not in. Can somebody in the states please confirm this? My packet says "pending results" as well, wouldn't this mean that the board had already viewed it?
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    VTrobinson ;
    I am in Germany too. Did you prepare your packet through the LRMC recruiting station. And it sucks for us that we are 8 hrs ahead from them. When i spoke with the station commander today, he said that we should hear something back this week.
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    Recruiter last week told me that we were just waiting for board results, he has told me that we should hear early this week. Now they're are boards for applicants that didn't make the deadline for the Nov 5th board. Then again who knows! It's the Army they do things the Army Way....
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    Ricky P - Yeah, I went through CPT MacDowell at LRMC. Do you work at LRMC too?
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    Just read on Army times medical and dental officer promotion to colonel are to be released tomorrow,

    So if they are releasing field grade officer selections, wouldn't they release company grade officer selections as well?
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    My wifes recruiter, has assured me via text message that the board took place as scheduled
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    Yeah i did it through MSG Cuellar. He has PCsed to states already but i am keeping in touch with CPT Mcdowell and SFC Buentipo. I have been calling them like every working day. No i don;t work in LRMC. I work in Stuttgart. Where r u located? CPT Mcdowell assured me today that we should hear back anytime this week. I am still hopeful that we will hear something this week.
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    I too have been calling them daily but I have the added benefit of working at LRMC so I also periodically stop by there as well, not that it does any good...I am hopeful that we will hear something this week but I am not going to hold my breath.
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    I just got off the phone with our recruiter, he said I called up to brigade and asked for a favor, he was trying to get our results. The first sgt didn't know but assured the recruiter they will have results today, SO for whatever it is worth, I need more Xanax
    Happy Monday!
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    OMG guys I hope we hear soon! I had meetings all day today and wasn't able to call my recruiter to verify anything.....