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I just wanted some information on AECP, because I would like to start getting my packet together. I have went to the website and looked at the info. I just wanted to know first hand from some people... Read More

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    thanks for the info....I have a 3.42 GPA, so hopefully that makes me competitive enough. I am in the process of trying to apply to nursing schools...just looking for some to get into that's not overly taxing. To get early acceptance, most schools I have looked at are requiring a 3.5 GPA which is what lead me to my first question. Packet deadline is 30 I am transitioning to school acceptance mode since my packet is complete.
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    Don't forget to contact Austin Peay University and Old Dominion. I know they are willing to send you a conditional acceptance letter if you meet their requirements. Alcorn State University sent me an acceptance letter pretty early, so I was able to send that in just before my board, so make sure you send whatever you get from a school in ASAP to strengthen your packet.
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    As of last summer, Old Dominion's tuition had gone over the AECP cap and they were unable or unwilling to waive the rest. Maybe they've figured out how to do it, but they didn't seem like they planned to try.
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    Less than a month to start my program. Good luck my AECP people.

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