AMEDD BOLC July 2011 Fort Sam Houston Roll Call - page 4

Just wondering who is going to the July BOLC at Fort Sam Houston this summer? Job: 70B Status: Army Reserve Transportation: Driving my own car... Read More

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    I am going Oct 6th, 66H...good luck everyone HOOOAAHHH!!! post on here any advice or tips!! thanks all!

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    I am a nurse, 66H and reporting for bolc oct 6. good luck and post onet here how it goes for all us! hhhoooaahhh!! Getting stationed at Ft Bragg in Jan!!! wwooooo!!!!
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    Hi armynurse88. I am waiting for bolc myself. Should go in November to Fort Sam Houston. Would like to know about your experiences in training.
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    Scott, I wrote a blog about BOLC:

    It was a great experience! Hope you enjoy BOLC as much as I did.

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