AMEDD BOLC July 2011 Fort Sam Houston Roll Call - page 3

Just wondering who is going to the July BOLC at Fort Sam Houston this summer? Job: 70B Status: Army Reserve Transportation: Driving my own car... Read More

  1. by   ad33088
    I made a FB page for our class (BOLC-B 11-115) if anyone wants to join...we've got 7 members so far...otherwise, c-ya all in a couple weeks!!!
  2. by   nevadabutterfly
    Ad33088, I was just about to post the FB page here. You beat me to it!! Great! Hopefully we'll get more members. I think we have 8 now:-)
  3. by   alexmo
    I put in request to join group
  4. by   paynedr12
    I sent a request as well
  5. by   armynurse88
    I am going Oct 6th, 66H...good luck everyone HOOOAAHHH!!! post on here any advice or tips!! thanks all!
  6. by   armynurse88
    I am a nurse, 66H and reporting for bolc oct 6. good luck and post onet here how it goes for all us! hhhoooaahhh!! Getting stationed at Ft Bragg in Jan!!! wwooooo!!!!
  7. by   Scott C.
    Hi armynurse88. I am waiting for bolc myself. Should go in November to Fort Sam Houston. Would like to know about your experiences in training.
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Scott, I wrote a blog about BOLC:

    It was a great experience! Hope you enjoy BOLC as much as I did.