AMEDD BOLC July 2011 Fort Sam Houston Roll Call - page 3

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Just wondering who is going to the July BOLC at Fort Sam Houston this summer? Job: 70B Status: Army Reserve Transportation: Driving my own car... Read More

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    Just received my orders last week, reporting July 13th!

    66H Active duty, heading to Fort Bragg after the course

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    I got my official orders last week!! Reporting to BOLC July 13th. PCSing to Germany NLT 04OCT2011. I'M READY!!
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    Hi everyone!

    I will be seeing you guys/gals there.
    Our report date is actually my birth day 7/13....Im praying thats a good sign:uhoh21:
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    Anyone going to Benning?
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    Going in July! Then onto Walter Reed. Can't wait to meet everyone and get this going.
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    I'll be @ Bragg also...66H, active duty
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    I made a FB page for our class (BOLC-B 11-115) if anyone wants to join...we've got 7 members so far...otherwise, c-ya all in a couple weeks!!!
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    Ad33088, I was just about to post the FB page here. You beat me to it!! Great! Hopefully we'll get more members. I think we have 8 now:-)
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    I put in request to join group
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    I sent a request as well

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