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    Hello all,

    As some of you may know, I have been readying my application for the Active Duty Air Force since June 2010. On a whim in December 2010 I decided to call the Air Force Reserve Recruiter to see what jobs were available. He set up an interview and it went well and the unit would like to hire me as a Flight Nurse. The recruiter told me that I am pretty much guaranteed the job. I have already filled out all the paperwork and he is getting copies from my Active Duty Recruiter. Right now I plan to submit both my packet for the Reserve and to the Active Duty. I really want Active Duty, but I am unsure of how many nurses that they will be taking at the fully qualified board in June 2011. Should I go for the Flight Nurse position and then transfer over to Active Duty? Is this very difficult? Trying to figure out what route to take...



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    You sound just the same as me. I went for active duty last year and was NOT chosen. As I hear it, they chose about 11 of over 200 applicants in 2010. I was upset but then got a notice from my college looking for flight nurses in the reserves. I am going that route right now. I figure it's the way in at this point. They are very, very picky as they are choosing the cream of the crop and the rest of us get left out. I'm a RN with 16 years of experience, who recently got her BSN. I am an ICU nurse with lots of qualifications and got passed over. I am 37 and was told that was not a factor in the decision. I offer much to the Air Force and hope the reserves will be my way in I want this bad. I'm a bit tired of the hospital routine and love new challenges. I love the idea of being an Air Force flight nurse/ officer. Let me know what you choose or have chosen since you posted last month You can message me if you like...I have found that encouragement is a plus in this situation. I was sooo involved over the majority of 2010 in becoming active duty that I didn't even think I might not get in...I was told I was a shoe-in....yeah, right! In fact my recruiter and others she knew did not get even ONE candidate in last November. I was told that the chance decreases after you were denied entry the first time. It becomes rare that I could get a call as a back-up unless listed as an "alternate" and I was not. I have hope now for the flight nursing...and I will have to drive over 3 hrs twice a month to the base...that does not even bother me
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    My hope is to be in the active duty Air Force. I am contemplating taking the AF Reserve flight nurse position because I think it may help me get my foot in the door. I don' have too much left to do, just the flight nurse physical. I could have the completed my March 1st, then sometime in April take the oath and possibly attend COT this year, with option of taking the active duty cot if spots are open. Hopefully things become clearer soon about the state of Active Duty recruiting and how many people are needed. BTW, which base are you looking at? My drive would also be about 3 hours (I am looking at the Reserve unit in Minnesota). Feel free to message me with any questions.

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    I just wrote a private message to you. I gave you my email, too. I do think you're making the right choice to get a way in . From what I've seen it's very tough to get in otherwise.

    Talk soon
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    Quote from Tina73RN
    I just wrote a private message to you. I gave you my email, too. I do think you're making the right choice to get a way in . From what I've seen it's very tough to get in otherwise.

    Talk soon

    I don't have anything in my inbox
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    I am a new reserve Flight Nurse (new as in inprocessed to the unit, still waiting to go to RCOT/SERE/FN school/FTU). My impression is that going active duty is you would have to work as a nurse for two years before applying for Active Duty AES anyway (If AES is what you want to do as Active Duty)

    Also, there is a force reshaping going on the active duty side. I am not sure how many folks on the nurse side will be affected.

    I would find a recruiter who deals with reserves going to to active duty and see what the process is. It may be easier to wait until the June Board before making any reserve commitments.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Larry and Tina,

    I am kind of waiting to hear what the FY 2012 budget is before I make any commitments.
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    Don't forget to make yourself look good on paper. Every promotion, application, acceptance action in the USAF is just paper. If you look mediorce on paper - you'll likely get a "no" response. If you get certified in your specialty, get selected as "nurse of the century" at your company, and stay current in ACLS, PALS, NRP, ENPC, etc - it all builds a case to make it difficult to tell you "no".
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    Quote from IowaRNBSN
    I don't have anything in my inbox
    I sent it again...wierd.
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    How's it going? Did you make any plans for the reserves? Did you hear back from active duty side? I haven't heard anything from the June board and didn't expect to really. The slots were very few and far in between for ICU RNs.

    I am now waiting to hear this month about the reserves flight nurse position I got my email stating that I qualify/ will get the bonus from Denver (so know my application is at least there! in the final stages) I was told within the month I should have the oath! How is it going for you? ...hope all is good!!!

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