Air Force RCOT

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    Headed to RCOT soon. New to military. Can anyone fill me in on what to expect. Thanks
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    They will greet you loudly and start with your intro to the military immediately upon arrival. Wear comfy and conservative clothes and walking shoes. You will quickly learn to stand at attention and parade rest. Read your manual that will be given to you at any time that you are standing. (Jeans and tennis shoes are good ... the manual will fit in your pocket and easy accessible). Pee when they let you - even if you don't really have to go. Take caffeine pills. Be prepared to be clean shaven and proper haircut if male. Women learn to get your hair up well. Take hairspray and your haircolor barrets or ponytail holders.
    You will do PT and be tested.
    You won't be the slowest or the worst.
    Someone will be older than you and someone will be younger than you.
    You will all be in the exact same boat! lol
    RCOT is only 2 weeks I think. Plan on very little sleep and no free time.
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    Anything I can do before arriving. ie: Reading the OI, which I cant find online, any help where to find it ? A lot of class time mainly? What are we doing at night? Thank you for all your info
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    At night you're going to be studying. Or you should be. The full COT class is 4 1/2 get all the same information in 1/2 the time. You will have academic and physical tests...both are easy if you stay preparred. Make sure you go down there ready to pass your PT test, there isn't enough time for them to get you to that point. You can get a little better, but that's about it. Plan on 5 or so hours of sleep, and that's if you can study, get your uniform ready for the next day, and then rack out. Encourage each other and support each other the whole time...nobody can be completely successful there if they try to do it alone. They may pass, but that's not the same thing.
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    The OI won't make any sense until you're there. Learn the Airmans creed and the Air Force song (not mandatory, but good). See if you can find someone help you with standing at attention and facing movements so there is less to stress about. Get your uniforms all squared away like rgh says. Button all buttons and cut off any and all strings.
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    ET CRNA, have you gone to RCOT yet? I'm scheduled for April. If you've gone, can you tell me a little about your experience.

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    Appreciate all of these post. I'm still working on actually getting in, but I am close. At his point I am guessing I will be in COT/RCOT sometime during the spring. I would like to talk with any of you that are willing. Passed my IFC III, and waiting on swearing in. AFSC 46Fx
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    I can answer questions you have about RCOT...I went 2 yrs ago!
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    Quote from Az_RN_BSN
    I can answer questions you have about RCOT...I went 2 yrs ago!
    New here, how do I PM you?

    I have questions about uniforms, and preparing/planning luggage for COT/RCOT.

    Most of my questions have to do with the process and timeline, as well as any advice or tips.
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    If anyone has questions, please get with me. I am the FT XO (Exec Officer) for an AE unit in WY. I send the FN/MSC and EMT's to school, get all logistics and planning completed and ensure requirements are met.

    I have been an Flt EMT and FN for the UASF. Combined time 18 yrs, 5 deployments, hauled what ever you can dream up and some to all reaches of the planet.

    For anyone intersted, the USAF is the only branch that offers Flight Nurse, the rest (Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard) won't fly their officers. The entire AE tasking is USAF only. The Army will fly medics (enlisted) only in helos' and its from the battlefield to the closest hospital. AE does the rest of the work. There are 18 AE units in the cont. US, most will staff officers and enlisted (nurses and EMTs). Of the 18, most of the 24/7/365 AE since 9/11 job has been completed by their staff only, and all 18 are are guard or reserves. Active USAF only has 4 units and only 2 have an ongoing mission. Of those 4, AE nursing is a special duty, meaning nurses can only do it for 4 years, then back to the clinic. Guard and Reserves nurses are allowed to stay AE for their entire career.

    As stated earlier, you can be an EMT and be promoted to FN once your BSN is completed as I did.

    If anyone needs info, just give me a shout. COT/RCOT is not bad at all. I would be more concerned with the survival school, if you get sent to the "REAL" class, if I was to do it all again. That will bring the sand out in ya.

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