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Hi everyone, I just recently started the process to apply to be an Air Force nurse. I'm trying to complete my packet for the January 2013 (Feb 19-Board, Mar 08-Decision). Anyone... Read More

  1. by   kdazzle

    yes, me too!!! I am anxious for march to get here. since I was a non-select before, I am just trying not to get my hopes up too high I guess this time and I'm just keeping my guard up a little extra this time but still trying to stay positive too, if that makes sense. LOL. good luck to all who applied. 40 slots sure doesnt seem like alot. I wonder how many applicants there were. talk to you all soon.
  2. by   carlily0513
    Just some things to keep us occupied while we wait :-) ...What are your base choices? Are you guys planning on heading to COT in May if selected?? Any ideas on moving after COT and how that works with our families?? For example, do we fly to Alabama go to COT, then fly back to home when we are done, then drive to wherever we are stationed or leave from Alabama to our base?? Just thought i'd give us something to chit chat about! Hope you guys are staying's frigid up here!!
  3. by   JillyRN
    Good idea Carlily. I just listed states in my workbook since we aren't familiar with many AF bases. I put North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Texas and California. We currently live in Hawaii, so I would like to get back to the East Coast so it would be more convenient to visit family in Michigan. For overseas, I put Hawaii, Alaska, Germany, Italy and Turkey.
    I'd love to get the May COT date if selected, but August would work too. It would give us more time to get our plans settled. I have the same questions regarding travel between COT and the first duty station. From what I hear, you report to your first duty station right after COT. You can take upto 10 days of leave in between, but some assignments don't really allow it if you're starting an orientation program soon after. If all works out, My husband would hopefully move us during COT, and I would fly to the next location. Unfortunately, there would not be enough time to travel back to Hawaii
    Where are you currently located? I've heard the temps are dropping rapidly in the midwest! Stay warm!
  4. by   carlily0513
    We are in New England and boy is it ever cold :-) Hence why we have asked for southern states haha. We put Texas, 2 in Florida, and California. Hoping for COT in May as well. I'm in the guard so I am trying to transition out at a time that works for my unit too. I am going to have to ask about the moving part, super confusing. Just nervously awaiting any kind of information. haha March can't get here fast enough!!
  5. by   kdazzle
    we are from cincinnati and it's about 20 degrees right now-buurrrhh it's cold. I hate the cold and so does my husband. we put down florida, georgia, south carolina, las vegas and texas. I wasnt told to put any overseas places cause the chance of getting that on your first duty station is very rare. even the CN that i interiviewed with even said that. I know a girl that I met on here that got japan as her first duty station and just graduated from cot this past september. I will have to ask her again but i am pretty sure she said you go straight to your assignment after COT. I think the military will be packing your stuff for you while your at COT and I will be having my husband try to get things squared away while I'm gone-the best that he can. LOL. I wanna say that I have heard that you can get a 10 day leave but my friend applied to work in the recruiters office for a couple weeks after COT so she could be home to get things in order but she technically wasnt "off of work", you know what i mean? it took them a couple of months for her to get her things sent to her but that might be because she is over seas but im not sure. I picked the COT date in july. august would work for me too but july or may would be best because I wanted to get done and move in the summer so it wouldnt effect my daughters school schedule if possible but i know thats not guaranteed though. LOL. talk to you all soon.
  6. by   JillyRN
    Yeah, I was told you have to do your first tour on the mainland, but the forms asked for overseas preference too. Even though I noticed two people selected from this past board got Alaska for their first one. I look forward to being back though, i haven't left Hawaii in over a year! Serious island fever. Lol. Where/when did everyone select their COT date? I don't recall ever being asked.
  7. by   carlily0513
    I'm from Cincy, well born there and my family is there so I feel ya! I don't think I was asked either about the date, my recruiter just said it would prob be May. Just so nervous about getting selected. Ahhhhhh wish there was a way to know earlier :-) it feels like waiting for NCLEX all over again haha
  8. by   kdazzle
    ya know, last year when I had applied the first time and was a non-select-my first recruiter who is no longer there didnt give me a choice. this new recruiter that I have been working with handed me a sheet that had a list of all of the COT dates for the fiscal year and he told me to pick a date that was more convienent for me and I did. He told me that I am not guaranteed to get that one but they try. It's so weird how things are different from one recruiter to another, ya know what I mean?
  9. by   kdazzle

    I would love to be in hawaii right now and out of the cold. I can see how being stuck on an island can make you feel that way. its almost seems like once you have seen everything on the island then what is left except for to have to fly somewhere to go somewhere else. either way, I would still love to visit there cause I have never been before. what all places have you visited with your husband being in the army? hey just curious, I remember you saying that your CN asked what made you decide on the AF vs the army. so what made you go with the AF? talk to you soon.
  10. by   kdazzle

    ya know, I would say you have a huge advantage of getting selected since you are already in the ANG. I cannot see why they wouldnt want to select you since your already in the military, ya know what I mean? although, I have read stranger things on this site and hearing about people that have seemed like the perfect fit and didn't get selected. I think the biggest mystery is knowing what they look for. I would guess that it varies from day to day or at least that what it seems cause there have been people that have been non selects and have reapplied and reapplied and then got selected so who knows. I do wish you good luck on your progression with the AF. since your familiar with alot with the AF, i would think that your transition would go smoother than say-with someone like me who doesnt know a lick about being in the service. LOL.
  11. by   JillyRN
    Yeah, the islands are beautiful and there really is never a shortage of things to do. However, I've started to really miss the seasons changing and being able to go on roadtrips, etc. Definitely worth visiting here though, or better yet, getting stationed here! My husband was stationed in NC, Southern California, and Hawaii. He's had a great career in the Army but physically it's worn him down. The quality of life difference between the Army and Air Force has been apparent at his duty stations. Things like housing, gyms, and medical facilities have always appeared to be much nicer/better maintained on the AF side. He chose the Army based on his family legacy. The thing that really sold us on the AF came after talking to a few current and prior Airmen. They spoke so highly of the branch and how the AF really promotes education and technical skills. The nurse I spoke to really felt supported to advance her career, and you could tell how much she enjoyed her job. In general, it was just very inspiring. I think a part of me also wants my own identity in a military career if it all works out. The Army was my husbands thing, I want the AF to be mine
    What did it for you?

    Also, how is everyone preparing for PT? Right now, sit ups are my nemesis! I love doing crossfit, but we don't spend much time actually doing sit ups or push ups, they are just tied into other movements.
  12. by   kdazzle
    hey jilly,

    thats awesome!!! I have to agree with you on the AF. everythings just seems nicer as far as housing, stations, education etc. ya know, I cannot honestly say that joining the military has always been a dream of mine. I have always had an interest in it and thought it would be cool. now, I think that I have matured to a point where I am not afraid to take big chances and step out of my comfort zone. I have never been a shy girl but I have always been afraid of failing. after I had kids, at first I could never see myself moving away from my mom since she is such a big help in baby sitting for my husband and I but now I am just ready to get out of my shell a bit and explore the world if that makes sense. I had a very sheltered life and there is so much i wanna see and do and I feel that the military would provide that best for me and my family plus I am doing what I love at the same time which is nursing another thing too, is me and my husband have been through a lot and it almost seems like moving away and joining the military would almost be like a fresh start, ya know what I mean? I know it will all work out for all of us wether or not we get selected or not. I am just taking it as -if its meant to be it will happen. talk to you soon.
  13. by   kdazzle
    hey jilly,

    oh yeah, I forgot to mention PT. LOL. ya know, its so hard to plan and try to think what would be good enough for COT. I have always done a little bit of everything. I HATE running but I do it anyways (with my IPOD especially) cause doing so with music doesnt make it seems as bad. LOL. I do my push up and sit ups. cardio and weight lifting. I agree, sit ups suck big time. I am trying to get even better on those though. I just try to mix it up and try different things to always keep my body surprised and challenged.