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by JillyRN

Hi everyone, I just recently started the process to apply to be an Air Force nurse. I'm trying to complete my packet for the January 2013 (Feb 19-Board, Mar 08-Decision). Anyone else currently starting or in... Read More

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    Hi Bogielea,
    I experienced the same situation. I wasn't able to reach my recruiter since he told me about being an alternate. Then I, too, played phone tag with a recruiter in LA until I finally reached him. He informed me that he replaced my recruiter and would be working with me from now on. He spoke in terms of "when" we are switched from alternate to select, not "if". Not sure if that is his way of being optimistic and making sure I stay prepared. But I'm doing my best to stay positive. I've been working towards this since October 2012 so I really hope 2014 is our year!
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    I was an alternate for the Feb 2013 board, and I too was told alternates automatically become selects the next go around. I was forced to completely reapply for the Oct 2013 board, where I was eventually selected. There were people who applied twice and didn't get selected (see the forum responses from 2014). Applying again and improving your application in the interim may demonstrate commitment, however I don't think that practice of guaranteeing alternates a spot is currently in use. There are far too many good applicants right now to do that.
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    You are correct about not guaranteeing a spot to alternates. I remember from applying October 2012 that there was a lot of confusion for the alternates who ultimately had to reapply. According to my recruiter, the only difference this year is that there will not be another board for clinical nurses until FY 2015. If I do reapply at that time, it'll be application #3 but at that point I'll see about going in as a specialty or into the reserves. What a long process it has been. Good luck this year as you transition in!
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    I was a #2 (critical care)alternate for the October 2013 boards. I was contacted by my recruiter a week before Christmas. I was informed that I am a select now. I leave for COT the end of May and after COT I'll be stationed at Ft. Sam in San Antonio Texas. Awaiting my security clearance and oath I believe at this point. So you guys have a pretty good chance of already having spots. Maybe the recruiters are changing over.
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    To the person that asked if my recruiter was at Wright Patt, yes he was. lol I sounds like we had the same recruiter! And I didn't make it in. The recruiter that I ended up with who sent my packet in (the best one of the 3 that I had) told me that too many people applied so after they got to the 205th applicant, they started sending the packets back to the recruiter so he told me to get 6 months of experience and apply as a clinical nurse. I have a job now and am waiting to take my boards. But now I'm thinking about getting my NP but I'm having trouble finding information about NPs in the Air Force. It looks like they don't have many.
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    Found out today that I was switched from alternate to select and attend COT in August. So I hope this means good news for other alternates!
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    Quote from JillyRN
    Found out today that I was switched from alternate to select and attend COT in August. So I hope this means good news for other alternates!
    Congrats! I know you have been trying for a while, I am glad to see your effort has finally paid off!
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    I too found out that I have been switched from alternative to selected. I leave for COT in August as well!!!! I am so excited!
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    Thanks Pixie! Congrats Bogielea!
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    Thanks JillyRN! Congrats to you as well!