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Hi everyone, I just recently started the process to apply to be an Air Force nurse. I'm trying to complete my packet for the January 2013 (Feb 19-Board, Mar 08-Decision). Anyone else currently starting or in... Read More

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    I'm currently active duty enlisted, trying to get into the Nurse enlisted commissioning program, and had a couple questions for midinphx, what are your deployments like? Do you work in-patient, clinical, trauma, ambulatory? Is the flight nurse program competitive, do you have to be a nurse for a few years before being allowed to try to compete? As far as the working hours, when you say 7 shifts in 2 weeks, is it like a 12/14 hour shift for three days, then you have two days off, two days on, three days off? (3-2-2-3 aka panama schedule?) so when I said "a couple", I meant like 20 : )
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    I just started speaking to a recruiter, I was sent a packet of paperwork and references to fill out. I told him I've been a nurse for 4 years with a BSN but he wasnt able to disclose any sign on bonuses or how much time in grade I would receive until after I finished the application. He did mention there was around 30 ER/ICU openings for 2013.

    Is this usually the process? Do the ground work first, show them your qualifcations and then they will offer you the nurse incentives and rank? Or is my recruiter just different?

    I really want to join and I intend to complete all the required papework , just wanted to get some input from those out there who have or are going through the commissioning process - thanks alot!
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    I'm not sure why your recruiter wouldn't be able to tell you about time in grade. If i'm not mistaken they take your time and do some calculation (generally split your tiime in half or something like you get 6 months for every one year) and that's how much time in grade you get up to a certain amount. Someone else may chime in on here who knows for sure!

    Not sure why he/she wouldn't mention sign on bonuses either. That's strange they usually do unless there are specific bonuses for certain specialties but still.

    Did the recruiter say you would be applying to the nursing board in April? Generally, you do submit the paperwork but you also get sent to MEPS for your physical to make sure you are even medically qualified. What is your experience in? Let me know if you have any other questions and i will be looking out for your posts. I will try to help out.
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    Hi Ray,

    My recruiter approached it the same way. I wasn't able to meet with him until I filled out the preliminary paper work (questionnaire and resume). After he approved that stuff, I met with him to get more information on how to compete the application packet. He did discuss the sign on bonuses and tuition reimbursement. Time in grade took a while I find out cause they had to review my résumé and let me know how much work experience counted. It then needed to be approved at a higher level from my understanding. I know others on this board could probably clarify.
    Maybe your recruiter was just trying to be cautious in not giving any misinformation. I know there are different incentives for different specialities, so maybe that has something to do with it? I applied for med/surg so it would be 30K sign on for 4 years with no tuition reimbursement. Good luck in the application process! It can be quite frustrating.
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    hey rayRn87,

    I am applying for a medsurg slot and waiting results. my recruiter told me from the get go that since I was a nurse for 4 years then i would go in as a 1st lt and I signed up for a 6 year committment so they could pay my college loans off and a 6 year is 20K sign on bonus. the 3 and 4 year are 30k sign on bonus. hope this helps.
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    So... i'm thinking about Air Force Reserve Flight nurse... Anyone know anything that I should know about it?
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    Hello zacheus81,

    Are you currently in ICU or CCU? For flight nurse they like for you to have at least 6 months in that field. It could be different now but the last time i checked that's what they were looking for. Have you spoken to a recruiter? From what i understand there are not a lot of slots for flight nursing in the reserves generally. You could try to get in the reserves and then try to get into the flight aspect of it later.
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    I'm an ICU nurse. My deployments have been in hardened facilities in bigger locations. I stay in the ICU. Med surg nurses work in the ward here, Outpt clinic,different duties, etc. Almost anything is possible. I've had friends who deploy with the Army and go to FOBs.

    When I get back from this deployment, I intend to put my package in for AE flight nurse. Flight nurse is for stable patients - ambulatory, psych, smaller injuries that are stable. It's more like a paper pusher job, passing meds in flight, easier stuff. I think they need people with experience. New grad go into NTP for a couple of months and learn how to put all that education into real world arena. You will be expected to stay in your initial unit a couple of years before applying for fellowship programs and the like. I hear that there is a need for flight nurses, but that need is rather fluid and changes regularly.

    As far as shifts and hours that varies by the unit. Some do panama schedules. My unit doesn't have any real rhyme or reason to the schedule. I usually only work 3 in a row before a 2 day break though. I'm pretty flexible about my hours and they have repaid that in kind; I usually get off when I ask for a specific day off.

    Bonuses have said the same the last few years. $20k for 3 year commitment, $30k for 4yr. 6 years will buy you $20K+$20K loan repayment - be aware that is all BEFRORe taxes.

    It's hard to get in, and it's alot of waiting and paperwork. Recruiters don't want to waste time on someone not fully committed. There are more nurses trying to get in than there is availability for, it's very competitive.

    Hope that helps. Remember - things keep changing.
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    Thank you for your info!
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    So I am considering the Air Force RESERVES. I am wondering about my experience. I graduated cum laude with a BSN in 2010. I think GPA was about 3.6. I have 3 years experience in chronic and acute dialysis. I am now a traveler doing acute dialysis, so I am always at the bedside and in the ICU. Would my experience qualify me for at least med surg you think? I haven't been a tele nurse, but I think I have seen quite a wide array of patients and I spend all my time out on the floors of many different hospitals. I am ACLS certified and certified in my specialty. Joining probably wouldn't be for a couple years anyways. Would you all recommend that I try to get into a bedside nursing position? I really enjoy my specialty, but I would also like to get in the reserves as a long term commitment. Thanks!!

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