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Hi Everyone! I just found out that I received a position for OB in the Air Force. I received my assignment to go to COT in March (a long wait) then proceed to NTP since I am a new grad. I was curious if anyone had information... Read More

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    This is the link to the military books thread:

    I am definitely going to take the Kaplan but also sign up for the NCSBN question bank since I guess the key is questions, questions, and more questions! I hear almost everyone thinks they failed going out of NCLEX, but most people pass! I found a great APP called 6 week training on my phone, and hopefully by the end of 6 weeks i'll be able to do 100 push-ups no sweat (this is what they promise!).

    I will be going to Eglin AFB in Florida. Super excited to be living near the beach and I heard it is a great place to live too.

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    That is the course I took, Kaplan, I was lucky to win it at a Student Nursing conference. I will look into the 6 week training app. That sounds amazing! Bodyrock TV is also pretty awesome, but they use stuff that you have to order, although I usually just improvise.

    That is exciting! We are on the bay/beach, but the water isn't nearly as warm. We are getting our scuba certification so it would have been nice to be near warmer water, but that won't keep me away! Was that one of your first choices?

    Do you think I could get your email and communicate with you that way instead of hogging a thread on here? If you don't feel comfortable with that, that is perfectly fine too.
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    I sent you a PM with my e-mail!

    Wow lucky you winning a class! I am hoping to just get a measly discount on it haha. I am also looking to try and get P90x to help train as well.
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    Hey you guys/ladies, what is the age requirement for Air Force?
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    Quote from 2brn09
    Hey you guys/ladies, what is the age requirement for Air Force?
    I am not entirely sure. Its a max of 42 maybe? I think it depends on your job and whether or not they have people interested in filling those jobs. If you go to the Air Force website, I'm sure there is an age requirement listed
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    Quote from 2brn09
    Hey you guys/ladies, what is the age requirement for Air Force?
    42 for sure, though I've seen you can be up to 47 with a waiver, though, I think they tell you that you may not be eligible for retirement since normally they kick you out at 62.
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    That old thread that is listed is the one we used while prepping for COT 2 years ago. Carolinapooh started it right after she finished COT.

    42 is age limit, except with waivers up to 47-which I don't think they are giving many of due to the number of applicants. Still, talk to the recruiter.

    Good luck and have fun!

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