Air Force Nursing vs. Civilian

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    Hello, I would like to know the opinions of those who have been employed in nursing both in the Air Force and as a civilian.

    Which did you prefer and why? Please feel free to emphasize things such as the attitudes of those with whom you have worked.


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    hi tara

    i too, asked the same questions also only thing i did it via the navy for one, with the exception of being away from your family when you are accepted into the program , is the benefits are a little better more vacation time (to up to a month ! ) career advance ment traveling the world, and the scholarship program is pretty decent when i get my acceptance letter i would get up to 5,000 paid tutiton until graduation and $500 amonth + for living expenses. i would strongly suggest if you are intersted contact your local air force recriuter to find out more and if you are intersted, start training now for boot camp! i heard its no joke ! :roll best of luck to u in your future endeveours! let me know how it turns out!
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    You do not have to go to boot camp if you become commissioned as an officer/ just go to an officer course and learn about customs, military/officer bearing,etc.

    Lastly, Tara--the military is not for you based on some of your previous posts--there are a lot of people in the military that are old to you/
    work on your knowledge base first and then maybe-you might be right for the military.

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    Thanks for your post Omegaqueen112. I have looked into the Navy as well as the Air force. I've talked to an Air Force recruiter already about nursing and their entrance requirements. I liked the Navy's NCP, but I'm more partial to the AF in general since I served 4 years enlisted already and enjoyed it for the most part.

    I was really wanting to hear from some who have worked in both the Air Force and private sector as a nurse so that I can compare and contrast the two. I realize that there are many, many civilian jobs and wonder why one would choose the AF aside from some of the obvious benefits.

    As for Heatherbless' comment, that's completely unwarranted since it seems that's she's following me around and PMing me to make useless comments--not knowing anything about me.

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    Hi Tara !

    Nevermind the naysayers follow your heart if you want to be in the air force , then do it! think about the options you have a young child like me and 6-8 weeks (well at least for me) is a long time to be away for your child! ask the airforce recruiter or see if you can talk to anurse face to face and decide for yourself ! I wish u luck let me know how it turns out!:
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    Since I have been an AF officer...I think I have the age and experience. As far as following you around, this is the first post I ever PM'ed you on. And with your attitiude, it is maam to you-my dear enlisted one.

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    I will definately try to contact some current AF nurses between now and the time I decide. I did know two AF nurses, but that was about 3-4 years ago and we've all since gone our own way. I'll stay in touch and let you know how it goes. Good luck with your little one!

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    wow heather seems kinda Tara do whatever YOU want to do. I myself am a Veteran and currently getting my BSN. After that I also want to rejoin the service. I've talked to Army ROTC and Airforce ROTC and both said I have VERY good chances of getting a scholarship. Thing is I kinda want AF rotc but its an hour away Anyways, Tara go for your dream!
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    I'm going to have to agree with Heatherbliss. Flirting with the idea of being a military RN is nice....but you need to be serious b4 even contacting a recruiter. Don't bug 'em if you're not serious.
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    Quote from Calfax

    I'm going to have to agree with Heatherbliss. Flirting with the idea of being a military RN is nice....but you need to be serious b4 even contacting a recruiter. Don't bug 'em if you're not serious.
    Thanks for your concern. I am completely serious about the idea and that's exactly why I contacted a recruiter that I'm completely informed by the time I'm nearing graduation. It does not hurt anyone to get information ahead of time and to be prepared.

    By the way, this thread was intended to compare/contrast the military and civilian nursing, so if anyone has anything to contribute directly along those lines, that is also appreciated. Thanks!
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