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As an applicant for the Air Force Nurse Corp 2018 I thought I would open a public thread for people to talk and ask questions. I was non-select in 2017 due to lack of time in a trauma center, but... Read More

  1. by   jfratian
    You do typically know your first assignment when signing.
  2. by   JmanRN80
    Update for anyone, my recruiter emailed me and told me that the boards meet 8/22 and preliminary results should be released on 9/12. Good Luck Everyone!!!
  3. by   LadyShelton
    Can you explain/describe what the interviews were like and what they entailed?
  4. by   JmanRN80
    For my packet, I had 2 interviews. One was a face-face and the other was phone. In the face-face, I was sent to a base and met with the chief nurse of that facility. We would sit down and have a talk about our multiple aspects of life. During this discussion the Chief nurse will ask specific questions to see if you belong in the USAF or if you have what they are looking for. They go over expectations from you, career paths, family life, and what your goals are. I was fortunate to do this process twice, not by choice, and both were great experiences.

    The phone interview for me, entailed a shorter and more to the point discussion detailed around my specialty. I was asked specific scenarios that would follow AHA guidelines, and then asked about my goals. I was also given the oppurtunity to ask questions for my own sake as well.

    I forgot to mention with the face-face interview was able to get to tour the bases, and hospitals and get to how their facilities operate. If I was to say if there was anything that made me nervous it would of been the phone interview, and that is mainly because that interviewer is asking specific questions and scores you on how well you answer those questions. You never get the chance to be face-face to sell yourself. Remember these interviews are for you to sell you qualities just like in the private sector. They score you on a scale of "do not select" to "definitely select".

    I hope that is helpful for you from my perspective.
  5. by   msmurphy03
    Hi is any already in the AF trying to apply? where do you apply for the FY18 board? Also where do you gain your certifications? Is this something on the side you have to pay? I am Active AF enlisted thinking of commissioning.
  6. by   jfratian
    Hopefully your contract is up soon...

    If not, you'll have to talk to your enlisted functional adviser. Typically, you have to apply for certain programs, such as the AF's Nurse Enlisted Commissioning program (talk to your 4N functional: an E8 or E9 typically).

    If it is up soon, then you can just talk to a healthcare recruiter. Go to the AF website, use the 'find a recruiter' tool and select the 'healthcare student or professional' link.