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Did anyone else apply for the November 2016 USAF Nurse boards? I am applying as a fully qualified ER Nurse (46N3J). Today (Dec 2) was the earliest day the board may have released results, but nothing... Read More

  1. by   tdunlap913
    I know that when I interviewed they told me they were looking for 15 fully qualified OR nurses but they didn't say for ones with no experience. When I worked at SAMMC they had the OR course there for new OR nurses. It's a great hospital
  2. by   Eaglesfan82
    My recruiter stated they had 5 slots this FY for experienced nurses looking to be OR nurses and this is the first year they had it. My recruiter wanted me to apply for it but 2 slots had been filled on the Aug board so there was only 3 slots left.
  3. by   nursynurse111
    Hi all!
    I wanted to write in and say that recently I found out I was selected as an ER RN for the Air Force!
    COT date: August 2017
    Assignment: SAMMC, Texas
  4. by   tdunlap913
    I'll be in that COT class as well!!!
  5. by   Concomitance
    Congratulations, nursynurse111! Awesome to see another ER RN get selected! We'll be going to COT together! Join our COT Facebook group. Search Facebook for: AF COT 17-06
  6. by   Tracy313
    MEPS scheduled for 20 January.... Assignment: Eglin AFB (ER/Trauma) - COT Date 14 Aug 2017.... BTW. Requested to join the FB page for this COT date...
  7. by   Tracy313
    See you there :-)
  8. by   hiestaec
    Just an update on wifes situation, I talked to Chief Nurse at MacDill who assured me there do not train OR Nurses and thinks there must be something wrong with wifes placement at MacDill. Talked to the recruiter this morning for the first time and he is certain that is what the paperwork says but obviously will be looking into it. Wish I had an idea where she might be going, our first move and we have two children. Said her specific training is called Critical Care to OR.
  9. by   Concomitance
    hiestaec that has to be frustrating! I can't imagine how difficult it is to have your plans up in the air, especially with two children to think about. Hopefully this is resolved ASAP so you have some time to arrange the move!
  10. by   jfratian
    There very well might be a mistake in your wife's orders. However, since there is an NTP site for new grads in Tampa, it could be that your wife just has <1 year of full time RN experience. They are now taking new grads into the OR. They typically go to COT (Alabama) NTP (Tampa, Scottsdale, San Antonio, or Dayton) to OR (San Antonio or Dayton) training to their first base in that order.

    Also, I have heard of nurses going to their first base before training. They go to their first base for a few weeks, then COT, NTP, or specific specialty training (OR for example).
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  11. by   hiestaec
    Thanks jfratian, great info and I will share with her. She does have almost 4 years of critical care, do you think with that experience it could still be a valid site? The Chief Nurse aid something similar but that with her time in already she thought something was a bit off. Wife currently Army Reserve so they are not sending her to COT. Looks like you are saying that after training they would then move to another base, which would make sense with MacDill as there is no Hospital. So much to nail down, glad she is not as worried as I am. So much appreciate all the experience here!
  12. by   jfratian
    I've seen former Army officers have to go through COT when they transition to the Air Force. I'm not sure what the current rules are.

    Not to worry you more, but make sure she is getting credit for her 4 years. I know a guy who was a nurse for 2 years and didn't get credit for it due to a recruiter mistake. He ended up coming in as a new grad and had to do NTP. With 4 years she should be coming in as an O-2 (1st Lt) if she is getting the proper credit.
  13. by   hiestaec
    Wife is wondering how long after people were told they were selected did they receive their orders in hand and also have people taken the oath. Maybe the question really is the sequence of things and approximate timeline for things to happen. As it stands she has been told that her report date is May 1st, what type of things will need to take place before she leaves. Thanks.