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Hi all! Just turned in my packet and finished my telephone interview for the boards in July. A little about myself; I am going into my senior year of a BSN program and will graduate in May 2014. ... Read More

  1. by   Military_RN_Hopeful
    Congratulations Dreaming1007!!

    I found out I am #10 alternate for med/surg

    I am currently a home health nurse but will start my plan B job next week -- tele at a civilian Hospital. Bummed I didn't get selected but haven't given up hope!

    3.67 GPA
    RN since Oct 2012
    Prior service-- 4 yr Army Active duty/ 5 yr Army reserves
  2. by   Dreaming1007
    Were you going the NTP route? I'm shocked you weren't selected being prior service and all. I'm prior Air Force 4 yrs active and 2 years reserve. I heard they run through the alternate list pretty quick though so there is still hope. A friend of mine was #18 alternate and she ended up going so you have a good shot.
  3. by   nursinghopeful33
    Thanks, perhaps. Congratulations to you!!
  4. by   Military_RN_Hopeful
    I was going the NTP route because my recruiter told me that if I didn't get selected for this board that I could apply for a FQ position once that board comes around. I am still very hopeful that my number gets called up (not wishing anyone else any harm) and I guess we will wait to see what happens.. .

    I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE AN ANSWER more than anything to tell you the truth. I am happy for this message board, it's nice to see how others are doing and I am happy for all selected, it's an AWESOME opportunity without a doubt as you know...
  5. by   EllTee2B
    Quote from Dreaming1007
    I was just notified that I was selected
    That's awesome!!!!! Way to go!!! Hopefully one day I can follow in your footsteps and get a commission. I was active Air Force too. Good job!!!
  6. by   Dreaming1007
    Thank you for the congrats, it means alot! I hunted my recruiter down, he probably thinks I'm a nut job. He didn't even know the list was up until I asked.
  7. by   HBaum
    Are any of your recruiters from Chicago?? Mine said her list hasn't been updated yet...frustrating! I want to hear!!!
  8. by   Nel20
    Dreaming1007.. Wow!! That is an awesome news!! Congratulations I am soo anxious and nervous.. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that we all get some great news tomorrow.

    Military_RN_Hopeful.. I am also shocked that you were not selected. Perhaps they may offer you a FQ spot instead.
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  9. by   Military_RN_Hopeful
    Thanks Nel20. This just motivates me to improve my packet for the next board and/or next year. Good luck to you all who are still finding out! Hopefully everyone finds out quickly!
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  10. by   mestrela
    My recruiter is going to get back to me tomorrow. I texted him after he left his office. I've already had 3 panic attacks. I need to know the answer! I'll be relieved to know if I am military or not
  11. by   SN2013
    Congrats to everyone who has been selected! I found out that I was selected and leave for COT October 7...anyone else going then as well?
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  12. by   Nel20
    I also just got notified that I was made as an alternate. What a bummer My number is quite high, so I guess I have to get that 6 months experience and re-apply for the FQ. Good Luck to all who are still waiting.
  13. by   SN2013
    I was an alternate last year and reapplied this year and made it as select...don't lose hope!