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  1. Hi there! Is anyone else out there being submitted to the April/May 2012 fully qualified boards?? I say April/May because at first my recruiter told me the board met at the end of April, but last I spoke with him he said first week of May. This is my last time applying as I was non-selected in August. Really hoping for good news but mostly planning for bad news. Just wondering if anyone else is in agony out there!!
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  3. by   rndiver82
    HOLY COW IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! Sorry, that was my initial reaction because I am going through your exact same situation. I am also a non-select resubmitting for this board and it's my last hoorah. I'm trying to be optimistic, but considering I really haven't changed anything of real significance from the last board, I'm in your boat. So let's compare notes:I'm understanding the board meets May 8(ish) and we may hear something in June. I am going for ER, and I hear there are 3 positions left, though i have heard rumblings they are going to possibly pick alternates this board as well. I have 7 years ER experience, have been a charge nurse and teach, and currently work in a level 1 peds trauma center. I will finish my BSN in July and right now I have a 3.95 GPA.So, that's me in a nutshell. I've passed everything else the AF wants, I just can't keep my family in limbo much longer. Oh! My recruiter is in Illinois. What about you? It's great to finally hear from someone who is going through really the same thing I am.
  4. by   ERMags
    We definitely have similar backgrounds, indeed! Only major difference is I'm single with no kids, but I'm not sure if that factors into a decision or not. I've had my BSN and worked as an ER nurse at a level one pediatric trauma center since May 2008. I'm also charge trained and serve on several councils in the hospital, and teach nursing clinicals for a local university. After the non-select boards, my packet came back with a post-it note that said the following: "very nice applicant. Would love to see her get some adult experience and reapply." So that's exactly what I did! I started working one 12 hour shift a week at an adult hospital here in Louisville, as well as full time with the kiddos. I also took the CEN and passed. I did everything I could possibly do to improve my chances and I'd be thrilled just to be selected as an alternate at this board! My recruiter is super optimistic, but honestly I'm planning for what I will do if I'm non-selected again, which is more than likely travel nursing. Glad to know I'm not alone!! Since you are just getting your BSN in July, are you fully qualified or trying for NTP?? You are certainly fully qualified by experience, just wondering about how the air force sees it. Did you get any feedback from the last boards?
  5. by   rndiver82
    I am going for the fully qualified. The NTP are for those with less than a year a nursing experience period. I work adult land for 5 years prior to going to a pediatric hospital, but I still take care of adults because there are certain patients that we follow throughout their lives. These tend to be our kids with certain brain tumors, genetic issues or cystic fibrosis. The only thing I am doing is getting some certifications renewed. That's it. The Thing about the last board is that we have zero direction. My application came back blank, not even a postit note. So we are literally in the dark which frustrated me more than anything. Though, there was another applicant who was applying for active duty from the Air National Guard, was a captain with 10yrs experience, had recommendations from 3 col., and he was not selected. On his application was a postit saying" Recommend continued service in the ANG". The other two that were picked, one was still in school and the other was a nurse two years out of school with 3 kids. So really it was a crapshoot if you got picked or not. I'm with you. I'll be happy just to be an alternate. Though, did they explain that process to you? My understanding is if you're picked as an alternate and no spot opens up in August, then you go to COT in December because you automatically get picked up under the new fiscal year numbers. Is that how you understand things or am I misunderstanding?
  6. by   ERMags
    Yeah, my recruiter is pretty confused by the selections. I don't really know much about those who are being selected since he hasn't had anyone outright selected this year. 2 guys I interviewed with, both prior enlisted, were both alternates. One of them, a CCRN was alternated in August and picked up in Oct. The other, a CRNA student, is still an alternate. We haven't discussed the alternate scenario yet because he's being so optimistic that when I asked him what happens when you become an alternate, he replied "doesn't matter cause you're going to be selected." He really has been a bright spot in this whole insane experience. But again, I'm planning for the worst, hoping for the best!! Did you get any phonecalls during the last boards?? They called me and I had to give them all kinda of statistics for my hospital, basically so they could understand I'm not working at an urgent care. Our ER gets 75,000 visits a year!! Haha I'll actually be happy to see a smaller annual pt volume.
  7. by   rndiver82
    You know, it is so nice hearing that someone else's recruiter was just as confused by out last board as mine was. Confused and really ticked off because of the seemingly random nature of it. I was also told that I should be a no-brainer candidate, I have every certuification they want their nurses to have, and even some that they don't. My interview with with CNO at Scott AFB was fantastic and she even said that I was a great applicant and recommended me for ER, burn and flight nursing because those are the areas that I have experience in, but I wasn't selected and there was no reason given. Even my recruiter's CO was left guessing. Their office used to have a 80-100% selection rate and they are now lucky if it is 50% and they are really confused as to why because the quality of the applicants has actually gotten better, not worse. I didn't get any phone calls or anything during the last board, something else that was odd because of all the applicants my recruiter sent, I was the one they didn't ask about, but they asked about the others. The only thing my recruiter can think is they did not see my application at all.
    So if you get picked up this time around when would you be looking at COT? If I get picked and we rush my papers, I could go in August, but I'm kind of hoping to be an alternate so I will instead go in December. I don't know about you, but the thought of Atlanta in August just sucks.
    Again, it is so nice to talk to someone who really understands what I'm going through. To be nothing but talked up about how easy of a choice I was and to not be selected was like getting punched in the gut. How many times have you applied? Waht are you going to do if you don't get selected again? If I don't get in, my husband has an offer from the Navy that we may take them up on and I will get my Master's in education and possibly try for the Navy.
  8. by   ERMags
    Yeah my recruiter said all of the recruiters are pretty stumped this year. I just did everything that they asked of me and I really hope it's enough to make alternate. My interview was at tiny Columbus AFB on Mississippi and it went pretty well. I had the choice to interview again, especially knowing more what they were looking for this time around, but I couldn't find time to fit it in because I was working 3 jobs at the time. My recruiter said it should be fine since the only comment was the adult nursing thing, but I get a bad feeling about it sometimes. Coincidentally I mentioned earlier about the board contacting me last time, and my recruiter called me today to tell me whoever is organizing the board wants both of my hospital's demographics (volumes, bed numbers, population, etc)on my resume, so I had to take 15 minutes of my break to update that. At least I know they will be looking at my packet!! If I don't get picked this time, I'm just going to look into travel nursing or possible starting my masters. My niece is expected to arrive in the world 9 days from today, so that will keep me from getting too negative if they dont pick me and ill be happy to spend more time with her. I started applying for the navy when the air force non-selected me in August, but the recruiter for this region is so awful and assanine that I decided not to go forward with them at this time. I don't see myself trying again with navy either. I really just want the air force to select me!! If they do I've asked for an October COT. I would have gone sooner but I'm going to London for 2 weeks at the end of August and I didn't think they'd let me reschedule! And I am not canceling that trip haha! December would be a weird time to go, with the holidays and all, so I'm not sure how I would feel about that. I'm definitely glad there is someone out there to talk to! Hopefully we'll get 2 of the ER spots and all will be well!!
  9. by   rndiver82
    Yeah, I didn't get any guidance, but at least now I know that I'm not the only one scratching my head! I wasn't asked to interview again, the when the CNO heard I hadn't been selected she was a little ticked off and said it wasn't necesssary because she stood by our first interview. So at least I know that went well. I didn't know there was an October COT! That would also be an option. My thing is my father died just after Thanksgiving 2011, so going to COT during the holiday wasn't going to upset me too much because I welcome the distraction. I know how you feel about the Navy. I talked with the recruiter over the phone but according to him I have to have at least 90 days of experience with my BSN before I can apply. I asked if they even considered the fact I have been nursing for 7 years and he said no. Plus, there were no ER positions anyway. I wasn't even encouraged to call back if that tells you anything.
    Consider me jealous of your trip to London. I went there when I was 16 with my high school choir and absolutely loved it. Hopefully if we get picked up one of the stations I put down for my overseas wish list was England. Hubby wasn't too thrilled because he doesn't like their weather, but I loved it over there and would love to go back. What bases did you pick for after COT? I picked Travis, Lackland, Peterson and Wright (I think), but I would be happy anywhere at this point. I have family in all the locations, plus my mother is now considered a dependant because I am moving back in with her to help support her, so she gets to come with us wherever I go. Which is a massive perk and took a big weight off the shoulders at the time, but another big reason I am praying I get picked this tome around, because its not just for me, hubby and our son, but its also to take care of her.
    So the board meets May 10th, at least that is what I heard, when do you think we could hear yes or no? I, like you, am praying for yes, but am preparing again for no. The only good thing from prepping for this is that it motivated me to start exercising again and now I'm a run-a-holic.
  10. by   ERMags
    As far as i know, the board meets the week of May 7. In August we were told a specific date later in the week, but they actually called me earlier in the week to ask questions so im just saying they meet that whole week. I guess we'll know within a week or two. My recruiter is going on a cruise but he assures me someone else from the office will call me with the news either way. I really hope if it's bad news he calls, since we've been on the journey together. He has actually been out on sick leave and hasn't seen a COT schedule yet. He was just assuming based on last year. I really don't want to go in December, but if the accept me I'll go whenever they want me to!! I picked Andrews, Langley, Academy, and Travis, also I think my recruiter added the one in Florida for more options. I picked England, Germany, and Japan for abroad. But really Im not picky. I just didn't want to end up in Texas, or back in Dayton at wright-patt, cause I got my first degree at University of Dayton and don't really need to spend anymore time there haha. I've also become a workout fanatic getting ready for COT. I used to not be able to run a mile and I actually ran a 10-miler race a couple weekends ago which was a big deal for me. I think I'm gonna stop training for distance and work on my speed since I'm not sure I could pass a PRT running as slow as I do haha!
  11. by   rndiver82
    I hear you on the distance vs speed running. I did a half-marathon on April 15th and finished at 3:09:34. I didn't care about the time, I was just thankful I finished because I got horrific bilateral planters fasciitis. That crap hurt worse than childbirth! My concern is I haven't done situps or pushups in quite a while. My husband is trying to get me to do Insanity or P90X with him but between school and work it's just not happening. Plus we are renovating my mothers house in our "spare time" and are moving in with her. It's going to massively help out just my the amount I'm saving in rent alone, but moving is such a pain in St. Louis.I think tomorrow is the deadline for applications to be completed and turned in. I have TNCC this weekend for renewal and we're just faxing my card down to the board first thing Monday so they know I have that current as well. Hopefully that will seal the deal because I don't have any other certifications I can get. It's odd to be maxed out, but here I am. How are things in your neck of the woods? Any more rumors from your recruiter?
  12. by   Jenks7
    I shouldn't have read these posts... Now I M extremely worried. Only 3 positions left?? Yikes! I have been a nurse for 10 yrs, 8 of those ER, 5 yrs active duty Navy Corpsman. My recruiter said my package was all in by last Friday or this past Monday... He is saying I probably won't hear anything till may 25. This has been such a long stressful process, if not selected, what is the alternate selection mean? I have been reading about a few people having been selected as an alternate. Didn't know they did that.
  13. by   ERMags
    Congrats on getting to this point! I'm not entirely sure how the alternate selection process works. My recruiter is stumped as to how they are making the selections this year. Truthfully, I'm just looking trying to stay busy and not think about it (yeah right). I'll definitely be ready for the decision in May so I can move on and either prepare for the AF or the next step in my career if I'm not selected!!
  14. by   rndiver82
    The way I understand the alternate process is, if selected as an alternate, should someone not be able to go to COT, you get their spot. Otherwise, it's like a glorified waiting list for FY2013. As an alternate, you are automatically in for the first COT of FY2013. In other words, a delayed entry. At least that is how it was explained to me. And it makes some sense, especially with this supposedly being the last board for critical care. I think there is another board for the NTP, but don't quote me on that.I'm just hoping this time, if not selected, I at least get a reason why. Not knowing why the first time just eats at me.I would just relax, go exercise, spend time with friends and family to pass the time and distract you. Everyone I have talked to has not been happy with the selection process, so hopefully since this board is different people it will have a better outcome.