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Hi there! Is anyone else out there being submitted to the April/May 2012 fully qualified boards?? I say April/May because at first my recruiter told me the board met at the end of April, but last I... Read More

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    That would be trippy, however, I'm ok with ya being the only ones applying....

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    Quote from Jenks7
    That would be trippy, however, I'm ok with ya being the only ones applying....
    With US being the only ones.... Is it for sure only 3 spots left???
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    Three spots according to my recruiter. Now, who knows. I'm sure this may change because that seems to be the name of the game. But if it makes any of us feel better, according to my recruiters superior officer, this is something recruiters across the country are really unhappy with. They are seeing very low selection rates for no apparent reasons. It's not like there are no patients, and they always say they are needing more nurses. But then they don't select as many as they say they need. I'm sure it also has to do with budget constraints, but that just doesn't make me feel any better either.

    How are you guys staying distracted? I'm laid up with a sore foot, so I can't work out.
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    Finally!! Decision week is upon us!! Good luck guys!! Hopefully the 3 ER spots will be filled by the 3 of us!! Please post any news or updates. I'm not too good at the hurry up and wait thing! Also I think my recruiter may be on a cruise so he's no help.
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    So, got an email from my recruiter today. Guess what? Boards are pushed back to May 24th. Yep, the day we were supposed to find out. SO! I was told the earliest anyone would hear anything is mid to late June! So, in the words of the military:

    Hurry up and wait!

    Ain't military life grand?!?
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    No way!!!
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    Yes, my recruiter just confirmed. Apparently, it doesn't change anything but it's to give recruiters more time to get their "suspense items" in. And give the recruits more time to have a heart attack. Ugh I was just so ready to have this decision over and done with!!
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    Suspense items? What the heck are those?
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    No idea. I think he's annoyed by my constant stressing, haha. He says I need to focus on things I can control. He's still confident I've done what I needed to to get selected, but I'm not. Oh well. Just a few more weeks!!
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    My recruiter said that something happened to someone on the board, causing the delay. I'm so busy right now it's not bothering me too much.

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