AECP-Time limit between graduation + NCLEX to BOLC?

  1. I have a question that hopefully someone with more experience can help me with.

    I am in the AECP program, scheduled to graduate December 2012. My 42nd Birthday falls in the first week of April 2013. I am being told to ask to sit for the NCLEX before graduation (Is that even allowed?) because If I don't start BOLC before my birthday it will be a problem. I don't like being rushed, and a little time to study for the board would be optimal for success. (Not to mention I'll be PCS'ing plus it might be hard to get an NCLEX done over Christmas/New Years) So, my questions would be:

    1) Can you sit for NCLEX before you have graduated?
    2) Is there some sort of time frame, for example 30 days, that the Army has to allow a new graduate to pass their boards?
    3) I'm pretty sure there's a waiver for age and I'm healthy-any others out there with waivers?
    4) My biggest one, how do I find out the class schedules for BOLC? Not sure I'll be ready for one that is likely to start the first week of January, but I need to start one before April 4, 2013. I was told theres 3-4 classes per year.

    Any experience, advice welcome!

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  3. by   mlh0283
    Why is that a problem that you will be 42? The Army Nurse Corps accepts nurses until they are 47. How much enlisted time do you have?
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    As far as NCLEX before your graduation date, that depends on your state. In Virginia, for example, it can be done -- I took my NCLEX about a week before I graduated.
  5. by   jeckrn
    Since you are in the ACEP program your age should not be an issue since the Army knew it when they approved your application. Since you do have enlisted time, the numnber of years that you have been enlisted is taken off your age. So in April when you turn 42 the Army will look at as if you are 38.