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  1. by   mlh0283

    What was the paperwork for your direct commission like? What things are they looking for?

  2. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from mlh0283

    What was the paperwork for your direct commission like? What things are they looking for?

    It was painful, in a word. Hahaha! There is a 49-page AMEDD application that provides info for medical clearance as well as a security clearance. I also had to do forms describing my tattoos for a waiver. Then I had to provide copies of my BSN transcripts and diploma, nursing license, certifications, etc. I also had to do extra paperwork to be granted the M5 special identifier (for ER nurses), which included a clinical check-off by my clin spec as well as a letter from her that stated I'd worked more than 1500 hours in an ER in the last two years. Also needed letters of recommendation -- I think 3, but I gave them 4. And I had to write a motivation statement -- basically why I wanted to be part of the Army Nurse Corps. There were also various other medical screening forms to fill out. It was a lot of work! But worth it.
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    Hi LunahRN! Thank you so much for this useful information about being an Army Nurse! Thank goodness for nurses as yourself who are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from RNMSN78
    Hi LunahRN! Thank you so much for this useful information about being an Army Nurse! Thank goodness for nurses as yourself who are willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us
    You're welcome. I've been in the Army for just slightly more than 7 months now, so I am still learning! Happy to share. And good luck with the selection board, please keep us updated in the other forum when you hear something!! So funny -- at this time last year, I was still waiting (anxiously!!!) for my selection board to convene (16 November), and I had no idea where I'd be in the next year. Haha.
  5. by   Mungo84
    Hi Lunah,

    I just wanted to let you know that although you have only been in 7 months, your professionalism and all around grasp of how the Army works emits knowledge of a seasoned veteran. I was an Army MP for eight years and am now starting an ROTC program for my BSN. I eventually want to go the PA route, but that's neither here nor there. I, along with many other potential Army nurses, greatly appreciate your insight and information. Thanks again and I wish you the best of luck!

  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Kristin, thank you! That means a lot to me. Good luck with your BSN program!
  7. by   melindacosta
    I am trying hard to decide wether or not to join the Army as a nurse. I am 36 and I have 4 kiddos....The thing that worries me the most is getting deployed. I would love to serve my country abroad but I worry about my kids. My youngest is 8. What are the chances of getting deployed far away from home...either stateside or international? Did you say BLOC was 9 weeks? How physically straining is it (not that I couldn't do it...I am very active). Also what happens after BLOC training do they ship you somewhere or let you go home and call you back for 2 weeks out of the year?

    Thanks in advance!
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Melinda, if you are active duty, you are not called up for only two weeks per year -- you are full-time. For the Army Reserves it is not full-time, that might be what you're thinking of -- one weekend a month, two weeks per year.

    For anyone joining the military, deployment is always a possibility. You have to accept that if you join.

    There is information here: Nurses | GoArmy.com
  9. by   NReo13
    Hi my husband recently graduated from his college this past May, went to LDAC this last June, and has now received orders to report to BOLC on October 6th. He went to LDAC after he graduated. I was just curious to see if anybody knew anything about being able to bring spouses to BOLC B? He is active duty medical service corps and is reporting to Ft Sam Houston. He will be gone two months and even though it is not that long, our first child is due during the time he will be there. I have heard they put them in hotels during their stay. What I am worried about though is that only long BOLC dates allow spouses to come?? Any help is appreciated!
  10. by   Pixie.RN
    There are three things people aren't supposed to bring to BOLC: family, weapons, and pets. Sorry! The hotel will likely be on post, and he will have an assigned roommate.
  11. by   Dranger
    He might have the opportunity to take emergency leave while you are in labor. I saw this happen at BOLC a couple times. But since it is just TDY and not a PCS you will not be allowed to come unless he pays out of pocket for you to live off base. Not worth it.....
  12. by   WAGNER0312
    Dear LunahRN,
    Congratulations on your commission into the US Army. Your posts are extremely helpful and common sense based! I have a few more questions about your BOLC experience. I just received notification that I was awarded the Army HSPS CRNA scholarship. I am VERY excited and flattered by this scholarship but now I have ALOT of questions. I am being told by my recruiter that my officer training will be 4 weeks (AMEDD training) and I will not receive any field training, "death by PowerPoint" only". I have also been told to check, and recheck everything that your Army recruiter tells you. I do trust him and actually really like my recruiter but I am just doing my due diligence. Do you know or could maybe ask around what the real deal is? I wouldn't mind field training, I grew up in the stick rodeoing and camping. I would just like to have an idea of how long I will have to spend away from my family since I will go to BOLC right after I graduate from CRNA school. I will be direct commission to Captain so now I am also wondering if I will attend a special Captains course? Anyway, I could prattle on and on about different questions but I will start with that. Thanks again for your very thoughtful and informative post.
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    The real deal is that BOLC does include field training exercises, after the death by PowerPoint. After you've completed the field portion, there are additional couple of weeks for Nurse Track. Your recruiter can look up the dates in the training catalog on ATTRS, the Army training system. I went through BOLC with nurses, docs, dentists, CRNAs, etc., and none were exempt from any portion of BOLC. You will have a branch manager at the Human Resources Command (HRC), and he or she will work with you for BOLC dates and first duty station.

    You will eventually have to attend Captains Career Course, which is a few weeks at Ft. Sam, but that will no doubt come a bit later.

    Congrats to you!
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