What shift does the 7am med pass? - page 4

I do 11-7 for the first time tomorrow, I've seen yesterday's LPN who worked 11-7 marked off the med pass for 7am for today. ex. She did 11-7 on 3/14/13 and she signed off the 7am med pass for 3/15/13. I thought the 7-3 shift did... Read More

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    Where I work the policy is for the outgoing shift to give them. That way they can plan their shift accordingly. The oncoming shift would barely have a chance to give it by 8. However we also have the power to, I don't know, adjust administration times? According to our nursing judgement? There aren't many meds that should HAVE to be given at 7 am specifically, so I move the time it is due forward or backwards, whatever makes the most sense.

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