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I do 11-7 for the first time tomorrow, I've seen yesterday's LPN who worked 11-7 marked off the med pass for 7am for today. ex. She did 11-7 on 3/14/13 and she signed off the 7am med pass for... Read More

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    Quote from stardust80916
    No we still have the 2 hour window for all other meds. Some doctors specify a specific time at which they want the med given. Only in those cases does the 1 hour window apply(30 min before and after). Fortunately that doesn't happen often.
    I'm curious to know what kind of meds would need a specific administration time with such tight parameters? Just for personal knowledge.
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    That is up to the doctors discretion. I agree, however that there doesn't seem to be any meds that would require those parameters. We just do as we're told. Never question or argue because we don't have the authority to do so. As a QMAP we are not trained to really do much of anything except follow doctors orders exactly, admister meds properly, fill out a MAR, and fill MRBs. So, no assessing allowed. That is why I want to further my career. I've had more than enough of these restrictions.
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    This is a gray area that has caused some morning residents to either get the same meds twice or not get them at all.
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    Quote from GLORIAmunchkin72
    This is a gray area that has caused some morning residents to either get the same meds twice or not get them at all.

    And fights over who's gonna give them.
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    Where I work the policy is for the outgoing shift to give them. That way they can plan their shift accordingly. The oncoming shift would barely have a chance to give it by 8. However we also have the power to, I don't know, adjust administration times? According to our nursing judgement? There aren't many meds that should HAVE to be given at 7 am specifically, so I move the time it is due forward or backwards, whatever makes the most sense.

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