Starting in LTC as old "new" nurse with short orientation-- what should I review?

  1. I am an RN with 5 yrs of experience, all in psych. I have not touched a wound vac, dressing, IV, catheter, or decubitus since nursing school, and I feel like I didn't even get much hands-on experience there. I am looking for a PD position in LTC/rehab to gain some skills and possibly move into acute care someday.

    I had an interview today and was called back to interview at 2 other facilities. No matter where I work, my orientation will be minimal, as I will be working PD and I have a full time position elsewhere.

    What should I brush up on?? I am very comfortable giving PO meds, as I've done that for 5 years, but I am nervous being the only nurse for 20 pts with no one else on the floor and having to face a dressing/IV/whatever without knowing what to do. Even though my resume makes it clear I have only worked in psych (and most of that in non-acute psych), I do have 5 yrs of RN experience so I feel like people will expect me to know what I'm doing!!!

    Any tips on what to review, watch youtube videos of, etc??

    How did you manage as a new LTC nurse with a short orientation?

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   ddunnrn
    More power to you, sister (or brother). I'm in the same spot, except I have 25 years psych experience from right out of school. I tell all the nurses I chat with that "I don't know nothing 'bout flushin' no tubes! Or birthin' babies, neither!" I guess I'd be most concerned about tube feedings! Picc lines, and fall prevention. At least you're somewhat prepared for dementia pts. and "sundowners". Good luck!!
  4. by   ivyleaf
    Thanks! Lol, yeah, both tube feedings and PICCs sound scary (as in, unknown) -- I am hoping I get a good preceptor/person to shadow who is patient!! Yes, I have a lot of experience dealing with "behaviors" so I feel like that will be a piece of cake!!
  5. by   MountainRN53
    Hello! My resume screams LTC and Home Health. I recently resigned from my 11 yr stint in home health and at the age of 59, I was hired at a long term care facility...once again. Nothing has changed except for far less pressure sores and restraints...thanks to those dreaded state surveys and of course better management. Tube feeds either by pump or bolus. When I oriented and would ask my preceptor to show me how "state" expects you to do it, the response was we didn't have time for that. The new thing is to clean your blood sugar machine first with a bleach wipe then with an alcohol wipe. After my narc count and report I first run and get all my BS and give insulins before they all take off to go smoke...yes really! And oh the "behaviors"! Most are really sweet in their own way and I wish I had more time to spend with each one.