1. Hi everyone so glad to be back on here I have a question for all of you on staffing. I have been a long term care nurse for 4 years with experience in management but left because my passion is direct care with the residents. We only have 2 nurses a shift for 85-87 residents and 7 sometimes 6 CNAs. We recently had state survey and the surveyor stated if before they left there were not 3 nurses on the floor we were going to get a tag. We had the 3 nurses for a week or so but shortly after that we went back to 2. It often times gets overwhelming with the patient acuity we have such as trach patients, falls, and other acute treatments. Do you agree that this is inadequate staffing in the nursing dept?
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  3. by   NamasteNurse
    not sure what state you are in but the staffing ratios are notoriously low in LTC. Yours is a bit crazy, but if they said you're going to get tagged, then the admin better step up. We have 1 or two nurses for 40 residents and 1-4 aides. It's rough. I don't know HOW you can do 85, that's just unsafe. I'd be looking for a new job. Yes I agree with you completely. Leave the facility then call the state.
  4. by   shiningstarinpa
    If state said you need 3, then you need 3. You can call the state anonymously and report low staffing. They have to investigate. That should get the admin attention. If not, I would look for another job......don't lose your license for this place.
  5. by   tokidoki7
    I agree with everyone else. If something bad happens due to your facility not wanting to provide adequate staff, then your license will be at risk. It's best to seek employment soon before oop: hits the fan.
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    The "state" can not dictate the number of nurses a facility has. The regulations say you must have "sufficient staff" to meet the needs of the residents. That being said, 2 nurses and 7 aides for 87 residents is not good. I have 2 nurses, a desk nurse, and a manager for 60 residents with 7 aides. On my other 2 units, for 46 residents I have two nurses, a desk nurse, a manager and 6 aides. This is for the day shift.
  7. by   Jessmed0324
    Wow well that's crazy I thought it was just that I'm complaining too much but wow I see how other facilities work and it's crazy!
  8. by   IowaKaren
    Oh CapeCodMermaid, if all places could be staffed like yours,... life would be good!
  9. by   WldChrry
    I do think it's inadequate staffing, but it's the same way at my facility. We have been at state minimum for nurses and CNA's alot lately, and the solution that management sees is to mandate people to stay and work 16 hour shifts. Solves the problem for them, but makes for some very unhappy staff.
  10. by   IowaKaren
    That mandating to stay over d/t call off's or not having staff figured out so 'you will stay over' is what is getting my facility in all kinds of trouble. Make 'em stay and they quit so what is the answer? We are so short on afternoon/evening shift and now the over night shift since the short overnight staff always has to stay over and now there isn't anyone to stay over so,... Very disturbing. I wish I knew of an answer to the problem and additional wages will not be heard of so,...

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