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I'm an lpn in ltc. They are talking about replacing the lpns with med techs! Is that legal in skilled care?... Read More

  1. by   roxjerseygirl
    In Jersey, we have med techs in AL that dispense all medications including hospice/comfort meds, they give insulin too via insulin pens and wound care that isn't considered complex. We still give IM injections. I've only seen this is in AL and group homes (non-skilled facilities). LTC and subacutes still utilize LPN's and rn's for med carts.
  2. by   MedChica
    Quote from aelmore
    I'm an lpn in ltc. They are talking about replacing the lpns with med techs! Is that legal in skilled care?
    Is it legal? The question doesn't even make sense.
    LVNs can't be 'replaced' by med techs because med aides aren't nurses.

    We have med aides that pass (scheduled) meds. The nurses just handle prns. CMAs aid the nurse with the med pass in the same way that CNAs aid the nurse by assisting the resident with ADLs.

    I play med nurse on occasion and there's no way that you can pass for that many residents while suctioning/charting/doing skin assessments/BS/tube feedings/immunizations(at this time of season) /wound care, etc....
    Not in LTC.
  3. by   Havin' A Party!
    Hi, MedChica. Am I understanding your post that med aides are only allowed to pass meds in assisted living facilities in your State?

    That's in accord with my experience.
  4. by   Mandylpn
    May I ask if you went to school for this and how long was the training?
  5. by   Mandylpn
    Quote from TriceCNA
    I live in CA and work at an Assisted Living Facility as a Med Tech. I pass schedule meds, PRNs, Narcs, eye drops, nasal sprays and even administer patches. I also transcribe orders and keep in constant communication with Doctors. Personally, I do not feel that LVNs are being replaced by med techs.
    May I ask if you went to school for this (vo-tech, etc.) and how long was the training? Do you work under the wing of an RN?
  6. by   Starkrav
    I live in Iowa, and my understanding is that Certified Medication Aides (as we call them) can only pass non-parenteral medications. Like you, I am questioning my facility's use of CMAs. I tried to find some sort of scope of practice for CMAs in my state, and can't find it anywhere. I have doubts that CMAs are being used appropriately in my facility. For example, the CMAs administer breathing treatments without performing assessments. And management has eliminated documentation of lung sounds and sPO2 from the TAR for this reason, so even LPNs and RNs are not required to document assessments with breathing treatments. Seems fishy to me.
  7. by   akanini
    I live in New York City and I've never seen a med tech. They are here in assisted living facilities, I was told. I've never been to one, so I don't know. At one point, the talk was that they will phase LPNs out in NY. I can't see THAT happening. Who else will go to the nursing home and pass meds for 50 people? Lol

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