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Hey Guys........ LPN here taking classes for RN...... Have to write a speech about issues in health care..... Can be any issue.. So as a fellow LTC nurse, I would like to take a poll from here and... Read More

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    How cost cutting measures relate to overall patient care. Where I currently work they don't supply soap or disposable briefs ( YES, WE USE CLOTH DIAPERS); Mgmt is clueless as to why there is recurring skin issues with residents; its shameful considering poor nutrition due to dementia/Alzheimer's dx. CNAS routinely have 15-20 patients on all 3 shifts. We have no tx nurse or Dr. for wound rounds; our ADON does wound/vascular rounds, all this in the name of cost-effectiveness while the Administrator and DON line their pockets with bonuses for staying within their annual budget which is clearly a CONFLICT OF INTEREST let alone bad Ethics. Family members remain hostile and untrusting of the floor nurses and mgmt continues to throw them under the bus to save their own and the facility a**.Compensation. In the majority of ltc facilities, LPN'S are literally over worked and underpaid; and sadly for some nurses, this is the determining factor of the kind of work and care that they deliver to their patients. Where I work we aren't offered any kind of healthcare Beenies. NONE. SO, unless you have a spouse who provides insurance, you are fresh out of luck and to the public hospital for the indigent you go...How shameful to sit in hospital patient financial counseling and telling them your a Nurse and can't afford to pay the cost of your care upfront, needing to make payment arrangements.

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    The hottest trend in our country: "Doing less with more". It's permeated health care and it shows.
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    nurse to patient ratio
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    yikes.cloth diapers?
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    How does using cloth diapers save money? Taking into consideration the costs of laundering them, staff hours involved in hoppering folding and restocking, costs associated with the skin breakdown treatment items, medicated creams, bandages....really don't see any savings, not to mention the smell.....ewwww
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    Trust me, it smells terrible when you have a group of people wearing cloth diapers who need to be changed after breakfast and lunch sitting in the day room.
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    CLOTH diapers?! What is this, 1960 or something? If I were you, I'd find someplace else to work, pronto.
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    at my facility the Cna's bring their own body wash to give baths, they give us enough diapers for one round at night and complain about patient skin breakdown, they run out of OTC meds for days, the scheduler will put you down to work on your day off and have you off when your suppose to work (no travel compensation given) , but we're not suppose to speak ill of the facility. They don't want us to go union. We do need nurse patient ratios 60 patients at night with 3 cnas;; too much disaster waiting to happen
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    You better be happy you got diapers, they want us to leave diapers off at night then the cnas have to change the whole bed sometimes we don't have linen Truth be told!
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    Quote from Spring_Peeper
    Is there a deadline for responses to your poll?

    High on the list should be better compensation for nursing assistants.
    A men!! We make the same as Walmart employees and actually can do permanent damage to our bodies from the lifting bending etc. such an under paid job!!

    "No day but today"

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