Plan of correction: Pressure, infection, falls

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    In my nursing facility (SNF) we continue to be over benchmark with pressure sores, falls, infections, psychotropics. I do everthing in my power to keep all of these down. I do education, skin care, QI, speak with NP's about these issues, etc. I get so frustrated about this stuff. It seems I am putting the same B3 Plan of corrections for all of these topics. If anyone has any ideas for me for B3 I would appreciate it.

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    What is B3?
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    plan of correction that is required sometimes by your company for issues that are above company benchmarks like falls over a certain expected number or pressure ulcers over a certain number. Could also be plan of correction that the state asks for when they find a problem and they expect you show them how you are going to correct the problem (plan of correction).
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    I've written many POCs and have never heard them called B3.
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    That's what we call them where I am at in Texas. If you have any ideas for what I am asking that would be much appreciated.
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    Do you have a wound team? If not, make one. At least one nurse and a therapist. Have a program to measure wounds weekly. Review your at risk protocols to make sure you're dealing with POTENTIAL skin breakdown before it actually occurs.We have a wound team and a falls team. Our wounds are way better. Our falls numbers haven't gone down het, but the numbers of injuries has.You just have to keep teaching and documenting. It's frustrating but there is no magic bullet.
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    Thank you
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    Cape Cod Mermaid, just curious: What does your falls team do, exactly? I was recently moved to the 11-7 shift as (the unofficial, no raise included, but do all the work) Supervisor, and though falls are down since I've been on nights, I'm always looking for things to implement. We have a wound care team, but no falls team. It sounds like an interesting concept. Please share
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    is the excess pyschotropic use tied in with increased pressure areas? Also, make sure to dif a pressure area from a shear injury. If patients are refusing inerventions, know, the ones who will only sleep in one position....
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    The falls team consists of nurses,CNAs,activities people, rehab people and anyone else we can convince to come. If I make cookies, the room is packed! We have a falls management fall...we try to determine why and put realistic interventions in place to prevent you from getting injured if you fall again. I found a wonderful falls program on line so we use many of their forms....tweaked for my building since we use neither restraints nor alarms.
    It really is beneficial to have the CNAs involved. We keep the person on the falls management program for a month. Their high fall risk status is signified by a green form in their CNA care card....the other ones are white.
    I'd be happy to share my forms ...most of them I've stolen anyway!

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