Patient Care Coordinator or Unit Manager...Advice Needed Patient Care Coordinator or Unit Manager...Advice Needed | allnurses

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Patient Care Coordinator or Unit Manager...Advice Needed

  1. 0 Hi all!!! Need some advice from experienced LTC managers. A friend recommended me for a patient care coordinator position for an LTC facility where she previously worked. Received a call from the facility and while discussing the patient care coordinator position, HR stated she would also like to consider me for the unit manager position. I said yes, she could consider me for both positions. I interview next week and I am not counting my chickens before they are hatched, but do you think the Unit manager (subacute/rehab) position is doable with my background? I know nothing about the unit manager position other than it is a managerial position. I have no managerial experience in healthcare but have managed people and budgets previously- IT management. I am a fairly new nurse 2.5 years with acute care, ltc and most recently psychiatric RN experience. Have served as Charge in all roles, but no managerial experience. Do you think with 6 mos (full time, but have continued to work per diem) of LTC subacute/rehab experience this would be doable. I am not afraid of hard work, but I don't want to be put in a position to fail either and want to make an informed decision if I am offered one or both of the positions. Thank you for your comments in advance.
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    I'd say just go for it!..the heck with experience.
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    I'd say the same think zorro said. Just wing it! Am sure you'll do great.
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    I say get a job description of both jobs with clear expectations and make your decision then