Old "NEW" Grad starting in LTC this week! Tips Please!!

  1. I am starting 7-3 and 3-11 on the weekends after orientation. Some weekends it will only be 3-11. Please tell me what I need to know, and what to prepare myself for. What I should bring to work, time management ect.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    You should do a search here on this website you will find a wealth of tips and information. I have three tips for you:
    1. Delegate effectively to CNA's and show them respect. This will go a long way.
    2. Always ask questions
    3. Know that everything cannot be done in one shift. Prioritizing is key.

    When I worked in LTC I had a brain sheet. I would write everything down and highlight and check things off as I go along. Msheet was divided into the following: 24 hour report follow-ups ( labs, change in condition, new orders,antibiotics and etc), Diabetic Fingersticks, Treatments, and etc. It was simple and easy to follow. It will take time to develop a routine and know that no day in LTC will be the same. Even if you have a routine know you will be constantly interupted to respond to other things such as emergencies, family complaints and etc.
    My typical routine was simple. I would get report, count narcs, do rounds, look through treatment book, delegate to CNAS vital signs, look at labs and report to MD, start meds and FS, break, chart, finish meds, do treatments, last rounds, chart, report to next shift.
    Good luck to you. LTC is very stressful. I couldn't do it long. I hope it works for you though. I looooved the residents.
  4. by   GaJordyLPN
    I agree, and bring stethescope and blood pressure cuff of course, and lots of pens, black permanent marker to mark out empty medicine cards, and highlighters to mark out DC'd orders on the MAR or TAR. My main problem is not having enough time to sit down and chart, having 32 residents to care for and 2 or 3 CNA's on the floor always asking you to help out repositioning a resident or transferring them from bed to wc. Make sure you buy a pair of good, cushiony pair of shoes for the 8 or usual 12hr shifts. Also, a little notepad to mark your "Daily To Do Lists" on for your shift to stay organized. Dont forget the hand sanitizer in your pocket! Good luck!