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  1. I am a male, full-time LPN, charge at a LTC facility.3-11:15pm. I have 16 years of homecare experience and have been working since Jan 12 at the LTC. My problem is this; I have a 17 month old son, who has Down's Syndrome. My son has ear infections frequently and I have had to take many days off to take care of him. I am the only caretaker for him and find myself overwhelmed to the point of having to leave.
    I have medical benefits for my son and I through my hospital and would end up losing it all. I have a good sitter but it isn't enough for me to raise my son.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how to move forward?
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  3. by   darkbeauty
    Does your job/ hospital offer counselling to employees? If so, make use of it.
    Also, I would talk to my DON if they are approachable. You sound like you love your job, bur are a little overwhelmed between it and your personal life. Bravo to you for being a good and thoughtful dad.
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  5. by   ktwlpn
    You shouyld qualify for FMLA,look into that,it's there to protect you.Maybe a change of shift would be better-could you go to night shift? Are you overwhelmed at work? Maybe you need to float instead of doing charge.That's less stressful once you know each unit's routines.Good Luck.

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