Lost my job after 7 shifts...do not feel it was my fault

  1. Last month, I took a Per Diem job at an LTC facility. I really wasnt impressed with my 3 day orientation and how other nurses do their med pass. I will admit, it is a very demanding sub/acute unit with 34 pts two who are with trachs, numerous tube feedings, IV meds and dressing changes. I took the job because I needed the income. I was never given any kind of schedule, just a phone call whenever someone called in. I did pick up a few shifts on my own by asking other nurses to call me if they needed a night off. Last week, I was scheduled to work on Thursday. On Tuesday, I had to take my daughter to the ER and she was admitted. I called my work that day and spoke with the staffing nurse and the DON to let them both know I would not be available to work 11-7 Thursday night. No problem, thanks for letting us know I was told. Turns out my child is going to be in and out of the hospital and it looks like I am going to have a special needs 6 year old. I am a single mom but I have the support of my family. I made arrangments for someone to be at the hospital or if we are home,if I have to work...which I need to work, I have other children to provide and care for . On Monday, I called my work and spoke to the staffing nurse and told her I was available this week for nights if needed but not the weekend, the nights for next week including the weekend. She said that I needed to talk with the DON. He told me that I was very unprofessional because I wasnt available at a moments notice and that he needed someone more dependable. Excuse me? Out of the 7 shifts I worked, I picked up 4 shifts at a moments notice and the other 3, I picked up because someone wanted me to work for them. I am still able to do work Per Diem, as I was hired for. But he told me he felt this wasnt going to work out and good luck.

    Talk about kickin someone when they are down...as I am typing this, I get a call from them because they had a night nurse call in. Really?!?!
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Welcome to the wonderful world of LTC. Sorry to hear about all of your problems. It sounds confusing. They said they let you go and now they are calling you again to work since the nurse called in? It doesn't sound like you were fired after all. I was warned yesterday by a nurse at my new LTC job that they accept no excuses for not showing up for work. Apparently, emergencies like you described are not allowed at LTC.
  4. by   LTCNS
    Management, in a lot of cases, in LTC homes are unforgiving and not family oriented at all. They don't care if you have to come to work bleeding and mangled, or if you have family emergencies that are important enough for you to call out. It has gotten to the point in this economy, when people are begging for jobs, that those in management feel they can treat employees any way they want because there's always someone else to take the employee's place. We have become disposable and that is sad.

    I used to work my butt off, often working 3 and 4 weeks straight, back to back doubles without a day off, only to be treated worse than garbage by Administration. I don't mind hard work, but I want to be appreciated for that hard work, not spoken to like I'm worthless.

    I wish I could find a place around here that is run like capecodmermaid runs her home. I would never leave. They would have to drag me away kicking and screaming LOL!!
  5. by   ddunnrn
    This reminds me of something that happened to me years ago: I got banned from working OT because I allegedly had a "pattern" of call outs. Since I worked so much time, if I ever called out, it was always next to an OT shift, hence the "pattern". The day I got the warning and had my OT cut off, I was told I had to stay the next shift because somebody called out. I know that mgt. didn't appreciate the irony of forcing me to work an extra shift, but denying it to me when I wanted to work extra.
  6. by   Orca
    This is not an employer I would want to work for. Working per diem does not mean that you are on perpetual 24-hour call, which is what this facility seems to expect. Their expectations are unreasonable, IMO.
  7. by   barbarake21
    First of all, best of luck with your daughter. Yes, work is important but family is more important. I hope everything turns out all right for you.

    Second, when you're hired for PRN work, that does not mean you are always available to work. It's not like they're paying you to be available. If they need someone, they call you to see if you're interested in working. It does not mean you *have* to work.
  8. by   Spring_Peeper
    That place sounds poorly managed. Not all LTCs are like that; try another one. Best wishes with your little one.