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I am a brand new nurse orienting with LTC for another two days before they cut me loose. I think I have no problem as far as following policies and what to do but the issue I have is proficiency. I... Read More

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    So I had my first day off of orientation at my new place. I was put on a LTC unit since my unit was shut down (long story). If it makes you feel any better I was so slow even with my years of experience because I didn't know the carts or the residents. So slow, in fact, that the aides joked that I spent 7 hours out of the 8 hour shift passing meds. So don't worry about it!!!! You are fine!

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    OP, back in my LPN days, I medicated 62 people twice a day. The first day I was on my own, I was still giving 9 o'clock meds at 1 pm and I did start at 7.
    Time and practice, time and practice.
    After about 3 months that nine o'clock med pass was finished at 930 after starting at 7.
    You will get there, hand on.
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    a newer "method" of insuring compliance is giving windows on the MAR ie colace, one, by mouth, daily, between 8 and 11....
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    Quote from FutureRN_NP
    I am a brand new nurse orienting with LTC for another two days before they cut me loose. I think I have no problem as far as following policies and what to do but the issue I have is proficiency. I am still slow comparing to other nurses. Today (third week of orientation) I decided to take charge by telling my preceptor I want to do everything so when time comes I will be ready. Well, I found myself overwhelming. I had patients right next to me on my face demanding meds, a pt's husband insisting his wife take her med now while I was taking care of another patient. I felt so overwhelmed and almost breakdown, but I managed to keep my cool and pushing through. There is another mistake made. I tossed a prefilled osteoperosis med syringe into sharp container without knowing it is reusable. How dumb right?! My preceptor had to call ADON to remove the med from sharp container. I apologized to both for not knowing it's not suppose to be disposed. Although they said, it's okay after what I had done, I just feel like I might get boot out if I keep making this kind of mistake.

    Questions for all LTC nurses: How do you manage your time throughout your shift without getting behind? So far, I have seen that each nurse function differently. Is it okay to start passing out meds around 7-7:30 for 9AM oclock meds? My preceptor today did. She said as soon as she received her report/shift change she starts passing out meds. From my understanding, you have 1 hour window (I asked her this) but she said if you start out at that time you will never get it done on time.

    I need some advice on what I can improve on and function more efficiently. I could barely made it out alive after passing meds then charting. I didn't get to complete treatment book, transcribing physician orders. If I factor in everything suppose to complete my me accordingly, I would need an extra 2-3 hours after my shift to get it all done

    I know it stinks when you dont have the feel for a job or shift down yet. While I was in school i had a part time postion second shift at retirement living facility..omg..i was used to homecare..I had one patient at a time.
    Well I had 16 patients. Ted stockings, showers, dinner, turning down the beds, laundry, meds after dinner..omg..I wanted to pass out..I never wrote so many lists..uh..I would write lists for my lists..and then someones light would go off because they had to go to the toilet..or where stuck on the toilet..its tough work..keep your chin up..you'll get it
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    If your going to be at the same place all the time it will be easier to get a routine. depending on how the facility is set up and what the schedule is there will determine how your routine is. I do all my blood sugars at the same time. I take all my bps when residents are gathered in the dining room. if someone doesn't get up till later i get an order to give between 7-11am. you just need to get a routine and youll be fine

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