HOW WOULD YOU about taking care of a patient as the one described. - page 2

"The patient is a white female who appears her reported age. She neither speaks nor comprehends the spoken word. Sometimes she babbles incoherently for hours on end. She is disoriented about person, place and time. She does;... Read More

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    Betts, that is so true --- we love and cuddle the baby, but get annoyed and frustrated with the elderly, whose needs are so much like that of a baby. Life goes full circle and I get a great joy out of caring for the elderly and making someone smile who rarely smiles, calming someone who is upset for no apparent reason, etc. The more challenging they are --- the more I shower them with love and kindness because if I can reach that person in any small way, made them more comfortable in some small way -- I've done my job and received my reward!!!

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