How much do they pay you ?

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    Anyone in Florida can give me a general Idea of a starting salary for an RN in LTC or more specifically LTAC ? got a call back from a facility but dont know what salary they will be offering me... Would help if someone can throw in their start pay in some of these facility in south florida (Miami) thank you... BTW i am a new grad

    Thank you

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    I know the LPNs start at about $17 in the Tampa area. Hospitals are starting at about $30, I have no idea about RNs in LTC because the one I worked in only had LPNs, even the DON was a relatively new grad LPN.
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    $19-21 for a new grad in LTC is what I've seen here in central FL
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    thanks for the input...I just found out ;-) 24.50 great benefits ;-)
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