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Hi all! I was just curious how many days of orientation is normal for a fairly new nurse in ltc? I am getting 3 to 5 days. Doesn't feel like enough to me.... Read More

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    I feel very lucky then. As a new grad, I got 6 weeks of orientation, though I must say I felt a lot more confident after I was on my own and able to feel out my own routine.

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    I have been an RN for 19 years in home health and in LTC. I was just hired last week at a LTC facility after relocating to the area. I am what the administration calles the "seasoned nurse" who was just hired. I have had 2 days on the floor working 7-3 , then 3 more next week and I'm on 3-11 and off orientation on Friday. The first day I was on the floor the unit manager who was training me, ran off to celebrate her birthday with staff and family, leaving me with unknown "to me" patients. Then also leaving several times to handle things at the nurses station or take several smoke breaks. The second day she left me on my own for 4 hours and when she found I was drowning I was firmly told I wasted to much time and now I'm basically out of compliance with my med times. She then "rescued" me and huffed when pouring up meds to catch me up. I am looking forward to being a great 3-11 staff nurse here and will never "orient" someone like this. To answer your question tho, 5 days on the floor here. Hope you have a far better experience.
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    As a brand new LPN, I got a day and a half.
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    NA/LPN 2 weeks minimum, sometimes if you are new I find you need more help with time management then I increase it to make it 3. If you are a RN it goes 2 to 4 weeks. The new RN's from school generally need the 4 weeks. I always tell the staff though I will individualize to their needs.
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    As of right now Im scheduled for 8 days of orientation. I think Im going to ask for a few more. This is my first job and I have no idea how to approach some of the paperwork. Infact, I think in orientation day 1 we were given a packet that might contain what our nursing responsiblities were, but we signed it and turned it in, so Im still not sure what needs to be done. The nurse I oriented with tried to show me some charting, ordering x rays, pharmacy, etc. It is daunting with so many patients. Its too bad the unit clerk is not in charge of those things. It seems like they should have someone else cover the paperwork, we have more than enough to do with patient care.

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