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    With all you wonderful people that work in LTC, Working in a busy LTC about how long does it take you to give someone a complete bed bath and shave them with an electric razor? How long does the facility want you to take?
    I work for Home Care, and I was wondering with as long as it takes me to do this job for one of my clients, which mind you I have all the time in the world and I do not go fast at all. I wondered how far off I'd be in handling the stress of LTC. Wondering if when I see your responses I will be like I could never do it that fast.

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    I can't really answer your questions, as the CNAs on the floor would be doing that during my shift. But, I can tell you that in the eight hour shift, each CNA on my unit is responsible for approx 10-12 patients including 1-2 that will have a shower during the shift. From what I've seen, a resident will be showered and back in bed within 20-30 minutes, everything done that needs to be done.
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    Bed bath + change and shave? 15 minutes tops. We use a no-rinse shampoo and soap - if all of the supplies are gathered beforehand it shouldn't take any longer. Unless you are blessed with hours of free time. Ha!!
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    No idea, the aids do that. We have a bath aid who specifically is in charge of the baths

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