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So obviously I work LTC/Skilled facility and the facility itself is nice all private rooms nice furnishings/finishings etc etc, even nursing has computer tars/mars/charts on the med carts.... All the... Read More

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    I work at a facility that is classified as "assisted living", but is an Alzheimer's/dementia center; the level of acuity hardly feels like assisted living.

    With full census we have room for 56, currently we are at 52. I have a med-aid who can pass meds to residents who can self-administer their meds, but any who require assistance the LN has them on their cart.

    With tx and meds to do, managing the care staff, and not to mention assessments and incidents, I rarely have time for breaks; I don't mind that very much. Even if I get all my floor stuff done in a timely manner, it still leaves me with all my paperwork and charting to do, physician orders etc. I don't mind staying past my shift to complete everything, but should I be made to feel inadequate because I can't squeeze that all into 8 hours?

    It's comforting to read these posts, because I was beginning to think it was just me.

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    Wow. That's all I can come up with. On the worst day, our ratios are LPN 1:30, CNA 1:12, and they complain. I should show them this. Now, I remember being on the floor as an LPN a while back with 30 patients. I am fast, too, and it took me from 645-11am to pass meds to 30 patients. They are mixed skills, too. On an average, I'd have 20 NF and 10 skilled, with IV meds, brittle diabetics, pegs, ortho, etc. Also, we have a wound care nurse for our heavy wounds 7 days/week. I cant imagine having 50 to myself on a SNF unit!?!?! I wouldn't go near it!!!

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