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I always hear such negative remarks about LTC facilities. Like poor staffing, or difficult managment. I love working with the elderly, but working at my facility is going to kill me before long! Does anyone work in a nice, well... Read More

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    Originally posted by rebel_red
    Hi Luv

    Chained Chaos is absolutely right. Surveys are public domain. I found the information on the net about LTC's in our area and read the results of their surveys. I have also been known to call a facility (in the days when I was Activities/Social Services.) and request a tour. (Warning some Administrators appreciate this research others dearly resent it.)

    Anyhow the facility I am at is wonderfully staffed. We had a deficiency free survey and we didn't do a darn thing different than what we do on a day to day basis. Our administrator and DON are very proactive. Our DON and Adminstrator make daily rounds, have meals with the residents in the dining room, and respond promptly to staff concerns with the same attention given to residents and thier families.

    Orientation here is extensive. There is always someone to ask for help.

    The only complaint I have is with some of my coworkers on 11-7 they are out and out lazy. However that situation is being handled.

    So what I am trying to say is there are good facilities out there! I have often thought if hospitals went through yearly surveys as stringent, how many of them would have provisional standing? (No I am not knocking hospital nurses! It just amazes me how frequently I am asked "Why do you work in one of those places?" with this tone as if what I do is "less than" or carries no value. Heck even my one instructor said she didn't want to see us working in LTC's as that was the place for "lazy" nurses.)

    We really need good nurses in LTC who care like you do!

    So hang tough!

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    Originally posted by JentleOne
    I have been in LTC for 20 yrs now. It blows my mind that people, even nurses think our profession in Geriatrics is a "lazy" one!!! I love what I do, and especially enjoy our Medicare wing. But yesterday I worked my butt off, and do most of the time. With paper work, meds, IVs, hospital transfers and admits, I'm swamped at times. I am not putting down hospital nurses, but every time we get a patient from the hospital, we get bed sores along with him/her. Why is that? Don't they care about skin issues like we do/are required to? I plan on going back to school this summer or maybe fall to get my RN. Mostly it's the title I've always dreamed about. I'll probably stay in LTC on Medicare somewhere. Our facility just got a new DNS, she is a block of ice. :>( Our staff is quitting and dropping like flies. We are losing a gal in Medical Records, 2 RCMs,possibly 2 LPNs, and 2 more LPNs are taking RCM positions and our staffing is going to the dogs, plus we are NOT allowed to use agency! Any ideas? Need a morale booster badly!HELP! I am already pretty much full time, but I think I may be working more next month. I am a mom to 6 boys, 2 sets of twins included. I started day shift Feb 9th but not by choice, and now I love it. I had worked PMs my entire career. As for how could I work in one of THOSE places? My answer is How could I not?
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    Just some of my thoughts on this issue

    I am very lucky in as much l believe l work in a great nursing home, hostel Aged care setting whilst we do not have a large nursing ratio of staff to residents I believe that our philosophy and design enhances the living environment and the care for the residents. Not all of our staff would probably agree with me but l do find the management in general to be supportive

    We are very limited here because of the government funding to the aged care system unfortunately l go back once again to the argument that until people i.e. governments value the aged person we will never have sufficient funds in the system to ensure that the average older person will really get the care they deserve.

    Most of the people for whom we care have contributed a lot to our individual countries and deserve to be well looked after in their old age. They will have paid taxes all their lives and in many cases supported families in many ways and what happens when they get old for those that end up in a nursing home this can be a very debatable question. I just hope that by the time l am old enough as a baby boomer it has improved and there are sufficient funds in the system.- Unfortunately the pollies forget you when you get too old to vote.

    I keep looking at the whole of the structure - that the government should also take responsibility not just the staff working in the system - they are burning out - and why not when there is so little support.- I truly beleive that we have to somhow make governments more aware of the aged persons needs -

    All the best
    Hang in there

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    I am trying to hang in! We did hire a new nurse and I am very excited to have her. So maybe thngs will get a little better. About the negativity with the staff...I think the change is going to have to start with me. I am going to have to set the example.

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