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Gerontology certification exam

  1. 0 Am registered to sit for the Gerontology certification exam in early Aug - just wondering if anyone out there has taken it & if they have any good pointers / advice for me prior ??? I have the ANCC review manual & another by Wallce & Grossman - anything would be appreciated !!! Thanks
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    I took it and passed on the first try nearly 2 years ago. I used their certification course and practice exam - very helpful.

    Best wishes to you
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    sweepea or VickyRN, either of you may know the answer to this question: what documentation would I need to provide to show my hours of gerontological nursing? I've worked in med-surg, progressive care, & medical ICU full time for 6 years; naturally a large percentage of our population is geriatric. I just haven't been able to figure out how I document that for the ANCC. I've been preparing to sit for the exam, too, so I'm glad you posted this, sweepea!
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    Hey Rebecca - when I sent in my application no documentation (proof) is required - there is just a box to check verifying that you have had 2000 + hrs of practice in the last 3 yrs, and in reading your experience in your post you should have no problem in meeting that - on the app you just have to list your gerontological related CEU's - I did it all online and from what I had heard the response time from the ANCC is much quicker than if you mail it - hope that helps ! GOOD LUCK with your test.... (I feel like i am prepping for boards all over again!)
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    Hey, thanks a bunch for the info! Good luck to you too!
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    Good luck, been a nurse for 20 years. Studied our butts off and we both failed it. None of the questions that you can study online are even remotely close to the ones on the test. Then to add insult to injury they want to charge the full price again to retake the exam, after you already spent 500, for test and books and questions. I would gladly take this certification somewhere else but ancc is only place i know. I can't even tell you what to study because it was so abstract, more than 1 answer was right. Just irritates me that they need to make it that difficult. Espescially when there is a shortage of gerontology nurses. I don't want to scare you but make sure you focus on your assessment skills, planning and implementing.kathy
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    I am sitting for this test early August. I purchased the questions online found it to be straight forward. Any pointers on areas the exam focused on?