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Anyone who works around the demented elderly population can attest to the fact that they sometimes say the darndest things. Mr. Rider is a pseudonym for the slightly plump octogenarian nursing home resident who had some... Read More

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    Quote from CloudySue
    Reminds me of Deb (and her sister Flo) from Finding Nemo!
    I was thinking that same thing while I was reading that!
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    As a student on a med/surg floor, I had probably the sweetest little old lady with dementia. She would go in and out of confusion. Sometimes she knew she was at the hospital and that she was in her 80s. Other times she thought she was a lot younger. I went to wake her up one morning and I asked her if she knew where she was. She replied "oohhh, I'm in Las Vegas" (We were in the Niagara region of Canada). And all I could say was "I wish!"

    The same lady a few hours later had to have her catheter removed and inserted again. She probably had no idea she even had a catheter in to begin with. But as I'm explaining the procedure to her (this was my first time inserting a female catheter) she asked me if the catheter would impede her from having sexual intercourse with her husband. I softly said that it wouldn't but that she was in the hospital so she probably won't be doing any of that for a while. This woman's husband came to visit her every day, it was the sweetest love story I ever witnessed. She was incredibly protective of him as well, she told all the female nurses to stay away from her husband because he was hers!

    She also proceeded to tell us that she was recently in this hospital. I asked her what she was here for, and she replied "oh a caesarean section, that was about 7 years ago." It was probably about 50 years prior!

    Med/surg is definitely not my choice but meeting special people like this lady is what makes it worthwhile!
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    I was sitting on the bed with a tiny, frail little lady who was one of my favorite residents in a nursing home I used to work in. She would cooperate with me when nobody else could get her to eat or let them do ADL care. Anyway, I leaned in towards her to talk to her and she said "If you're going to kiss me just go ahead and do it." I assured her I was there for a visit and not for a kiss lol!
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    Quote from lub dub
    A member of my family suffers from dementia, & I find nothing funny or cute about it. There is a thread elsewhere on this site that talks about the elderly being devalued, & I thought of this thread.

    Go ahead, let the flaming begin...
    Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying.