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all the time. BAD talk about new DON. DON had a good attitude when she started, and I'm gradually seeing that change. All nurses talk bad about her, and about other nurses. I don't say anything, but I see what's going on. ... Read More

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    Quote from michelle126
    What kills me are the note takers. You know the ones, the ones that like to write notes about what they found, what your shift did or didn't do.

    I don't work with this person directly, but I've heard the stories (ha, ha...I know that is what this thread is about) Well, I did work with her or actually give report to her and she started as soon as she came in so I did see/ hear it first hand. Its normally about the shifts during the day (the old shift war fight) and then its about the nurses personally and then it is about her shifts staff.

    Kinda gets old. Most of us just roll our eyes and ignore it. A few nurses have confronted her and told her to say what she has to say to them directly.

    Sometimes these types just need to be confronted and then ignored.
    I had a busy 11-7 shift one night. A fall, everyone was on the call light, we were short staffed, everyone had pain, indigestion. So I proritized and did the things I knew had to be done. And left some minor things that also had to be done that night.. to be done the next night. (It could wait.. nobody would die if it wasn't done that night)

    So I came in the next night. With a typed up printed list from 7-3 of things I have to do on the night shift. I crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. Page protector and all. Hell would be raised above heaven if I left them a list of things to do.

    I was ******. 7-3 has 1 RN, 3 LPNs, and 7-8 CNAs for the unit. 11-7 has 1 RN for the facility, 1 LPN for the unit and its a good damn night if we have 3 CNAs.
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    Try to understand your new DON. Maybe she feels overwhelmed and is getting unrealistic pressure from above.
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    My facility is definatly a gossip fest. everyone is bad mouthing each other then nice to there face. what I do is come on here and vent. that way no one gets their feelings hurt. and if they read my posts they may say hey that sounds like what I did, and they can see how there actions affect others. I never talk about people to my co workers. It will eventually get back to them with much more added that I never said. Then you have enimies that are watching your every move waiting for you to mess up so the can get you in trouble.
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    Well we do have the right to free speech. I think what the DON needs is support. Of course we are res. advocates and if we think that the DON is doing/not doing something for a res. that the DON should/shouldn't be doing might want to discuss the concern with the admin. In some places people can be disciplined for gossiping, especially if a res., family member or visitor hears it.
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    Oh my..... LOL, this week I heard from a RESIDENT!! and the DON that I am moving! Out of state! Wow, I had no idea I hope somebody is paying for this move, because I have no idea when or where I am going. LOL.

    (on the bright side, both the resident and DON were very upset to hear I was "leaving")

    I wanted to add for the previous poster though, I agree that working in the nursing is the most stressful/aggressive environment that I have ever worked in. Most employee conflict and distrust/hatefullness.
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    Needless to say, I have always said that if you do your job at all times, you don't leave them any ammunition to complain about your performance. In addition, for those who still want to talk about me behind my back as I'm about to leave the area,(I'm referring to the HATERS) I say "BTW, I'm like the onion the more you talk about me the more skin I have later"

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