CNA training program, manual

  1. I am considering starting a CNA training program in my community. Where can I find a good training manual/curriculum?

    What is the ratio of LPNs to residents at your facilities?

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    pa requires one to attend "train the trainer" certification course.

    instructor corner

    check your states resources: [font=agaramondpro-regular][font=agaramondpro-regular]national nurse aide assessment program (nnaap) nnaap
    federal requirements: state nurse aide training: program information and data (oei-05-01 ...

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  4. by   pegasus64
    I just applied to our state to start a CNA course. I'm in Washington, not sure where you are. I'm using Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care Long-Term Care and Home Health. It has the main book and a workbook. The website also has a powerpoint presentation that goes with it. I'm really excited, just waiting for the state to approve it. You can find it at Good luck.
  5. by   Merced
    I am in CA, & we just changed to the hartman curriculum. I like it A LOT. there also is a certain amount of support available thru their website, & they are responsive to input (recently corrected several errors that were reported by nurses).
    the Instructor resources has all the tests & slides you could want.
    I believe they will send you a free copy of text & Instructor manual/CD ROM, for you to evaluate.
  6. by   conscientiousnurse
    Hello! I recently applied for a position in a community college as a program manager for their nursing assistant training. I am currently an NA instructor somewhere else but want to be able to prove, if interviewed, that I am good enough to be able to supervise their instructors and maintain the best quality program. Also that I am staying up-to-date with current literature, and know the best ways to train adults. I'm just wondering if you know of any more resources I could look to to make sure I am ensuring the best program possible, other than what's mentioned above. Any professional organizations that would be worthwhile joining if I got the job, any place to go to for more networking/getting help from others in the same position? Any "must-have" journals or textbooks? Thanks for any and all advice!