Anyone think I'm crazy?

  1. I am a RN (BSN) with 10+yrs experience-med/surg, LTC, and HH. A few years ago, during a break from HH, I went to my first LTC job. I stayed about 9 months, then went to my current job as a home health case manager (no direct patient care, paperwork only), due to issues everyone else mentions with LTC--understaffing, crazy policies, unreal paperwork, and overtime issues. I've been with this job for 2 years, M-F, 8-5, occasional weekend work.....but doesn't pay overtime (we are considered salary if overtime is worked, but miss 1 minute of work and you are hourly, pay is docked!). My pay is high for my area, I get good mileage, but average 120ish mi/day on my car...It is most nurses dream job, BUT I am getting to the point I can't stand advancement potential in the forseeable future. I am applying for DON and ADON (preferable) positions close to my home (I drive 25mi/day to my office before I drive all over 4 counties doing paperwork). I am gaining tons of weight sitting behind a desk everyday, or driving. Also, got a new car mid-December, already has 5500 miles on it, only used for work, no other driving (old clunker for that). Does everyone think I'm nuts? Thoughts please!
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  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Nuts for staying or nuts because you are applying for ADON and DON jobs?
  4. by   Sterling-RN
    Honestly, I think I am in a similar sitation. RN (BSN), with roughly the same amount of time under my belt. Med-surg, LTC/psych, Hospice. I work in hospice admissions so it is also the job that a lot of people would want to have. I do very little hands for a physical assessment, and occassional help with care...but mosly to see skin. Most of my job is paperwork/charting, phone calls, recommendatons, emotional support, and there is symptom management that normally requires new medications, or a transfer into an in-patient unit.

    I drive between 100 and 150 mi/day. Pay is good, mileage is good, I get 10.3 hours of PTO with each pay check. I feel like I am getting fatter also! lol...but moreso, I just feel exhausted all the time, and am getting burned out. I recently applied for what I thought was an ADON position at a small facility, but turns out it wasn't what I was told the job was going to be, so I declined it.

    I have people telling me that I am crazy. I work 2 -12s and 2-8s. I used to love the autonomy. I used to love the interaction with people. I used to love the income and perks. But now I feel like I am desperate for a change. Not necessarily from hospice, but a change from the day to day of not knowing where I am going to be from day to day or hour to hour sometimes. I need a break from all the driving. I take PTO. I request regular days off to allow for long weekends, but it doesn't seem to help. I feel like I am whining too much lol. And the kicker is that those who I am looking for advice from are telling me to be patient and count my blessings.

    In all honesty, I love the work that I do. I just can't continue this way for much longer. I need to be centralized, and want to accomplish measurable goals, and have the follow through. It feels like a double-edged sword. I am looking for flexible-rigidity in my position lol.

    So, no...I don't think you are crazy. I think there is something in you that is seeking a more appropriate siituation for your health, well-being, and maybe a new challange.