Any LPN/LVN DON's or ADON's or in Management Somehow??? - page 2

Okay I now that it is possible because at the last facility that I was at, the ADON, was an LPN. I don't know how long she's been a nurse but she's been their ADON for 9 years, and she's pretty... Read More

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    At the LTC facility I work at our ADON is a LVN. I know she has over over 15 years experience.

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    Being quite honest, to supervise, you have to have the respect of your staff. And people respect experience and education. You need one or the other, and preferably both. As a new grad LPN, you won't have much of either compared to the other people on staff. Take your time getting into management. Once you get some time under your belt, and some more of your education, the management position will find you.
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    A DON must be able to do what an RN can do in order to do their I don't feel an LPN should have that position. Don't get me wrong..I know many LPN's that would make excellent DON's, but even they would admit they are limited to tasks and can't provide the tasks needed by a leader for RN's. My DON is the delegator and assignment task master for the LPN' the RN needs to be there...

    I have one of the best LPN's I feel in the world! (man I love this gal!!!! Envy her too!), and she is second in command...she doesn't want to be fact, I know that is why they hired me. I have less experience, but I have the RN. But there are far too many days when I think to myself "dang it ____, you need that RN so you can be in charge because if I can pick one single person I have ever been in contact with to be a potential is you!!!!!!!"...but I know..she doesn't want to be RN..and I respect that.

    I hate to seem mean, but in my facility..which is assisted living btw...I feel an RN must be DON because of what my DON has to do. The DON is salary, and is called to take on duties to be RN in that case.
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    Quote from cilky
    HI capecod mermaid,
    Mass RN here, yes i agree, most don positions they have to be an RN
    but i have to tell ya, 15 years ltc, i havent met a management team i want to work in in the last five years, Most now seem likethey either dont care
    or they havent got a clue what the hellthey are doing and forget about weekend, they do better disappearing act than Houdini
    Lauri---y'all come on down to old Cape Cod and work for DON calls in at least 10 times over the weekend...I go in on the weekend if I know there are admissions and call just to see how everything is going....

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